The benefits of industry work placement

Having a qualification is a tremendous asset when applying for your perfect career, as it validates the abilities that you have. However, having industry work experience can further your potential, as it demonstrates that you can utilize these skills in a working environment. 

As our tutors are industry veterans, we offer many opportunities through industry connected lecturers for students to undertake internships. Georgia Colbourne, a Trimester 5 Audio student, was recently placed at Austereo, an Entertainment Media company that provide inventive, interactive and cross platform campaigns.

The austereo industry placement program was a great way to gain some inside knowledge into the different commercial avenues available to a professional audio engineer. Getting the chance to spend time with four industry professionals in their working environment, was invaluable to myself as a budding engineer.’ 

Industry placements are also a great way to network, and gain contacts that could be vital to your future career. 

Georgia worked with a variety of different members of staff, one of which was Chris Kabuki who is the engineer for the gossip show, Scoopla. Georgia worked alongside him ‘taking grabs of the main stories of the day, from TV, Radio and YouTube. The majority of the work was for Scoopla but he was also working on a new avenue for the station which was a YouTube show and he was working on the audio for that as well. It was nice to see another side of the business and meet with some of the visual guys.’

You may be unaware of all of the different paths that your degree can take you on, and work placements are a great way to experience various roles, and help you realise where you want to take your qualification after studying. 

‘The Austereo industry placement program, opened avenues that I didn’t know existed and it was great to see that there are other options for engineers apart from live sound and recording. It was an amazing opportunity to have available to me as a JMC student and one that I am great full to have been chosen, by our dedicated head of department, to participate. It was an invaluable experience that has helped me gain a greater understanding of my future career.’

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