Studying music - a dream come true

Musician, writer, producer and recent JMC graduate Emanuel Yoong is making his dreams come true. When he moved from Malaysia to Melbourne in 2017 to study music full time at JMC Academy, he took a huge step closer to his career plans. He has big goals and great determination to make those dreams a reality.

Music has always been a great interest and for me, to pursue music studies is a dream come true. I wanted my qualifications to be recognised internationally so I chose JMC Academy. They have a partnership with Berklee College of Music so I knew it was a name I could trust.

‘Living in Melbourne is amazing. I have the opportunity to experience different peoples’ perspective in music – Western, Chinese, Indonesian and more!’

‘I really appreciated the facilities and classes offered at JMC. The small class sizes made it very easy to learn and share our thoughts about music. It felt very comfortable. It was great to have lecturers from the music industry who were willing to share their knowledge and experiences.’


Emanuel’s producer name is Zyꂅ and he hopes to start a studio production company called TEAMZYE, that will incorporate music videos, photography and booking agents. He is currently working on his own youtube channel and producing other artists (including fellow JMC alumni – more news to come!).

Emanuel is passionate about communicating true emotions through the music he writes and produces. He’s inspired by authenticity and curious about human behaviour and experiences of love, hatred, joy and sadness.

We look forward to hearing great music from producer Zyꂅ. You can follow his music journey on Instagram and youtube

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