Study Tips- How to ace a test

Exam time coming up? It sucks we know, but we're here to help! We've put together some study tips to help you ace those tests. 

Remember, during your studies here at JMC Academy, we always have student support on campus to help you with any issues you may want to discuss, or any work you may want help with.

Everyone has different learning techniques, but here are a few hints and tips to try and make that revision slightly easier. Take your pick and see which works the best for you…

Discover your learning style. 

First things first, figure out what works best for you. If you think you’re an Auditory learner, then read your work out loud, perhaps record yourself or have discussion groups with classmates. Visual learners work best with colours and diagrams and images so get drawing! Kinesthetic learners study best by doing, so techniques such as role-playing or even just moving around while studying can help keep that information locked in your brain. 

Quiz yourself

This not only helps you prepare for the real thing, but when you get a question wrong one time, you are more likely to remember the correct answer the next time. This is perhaps one of the best study tips we can give you. Download some past exam and test papers online and get quizzing!


Go Old-school

Write things down. Don’t just type your notes up, as research suggests that writing your notes out by hand stores information in your memory more securely.

Treat Break!

Take regular breaks. I don’t mean study for 5 minutes and spend 20 minutes on Facebook. Go for a quick walk around the block, go and grab a coffee. Give your eyes and brain time to readjust and refocus!


Motivate yourself. One great (yet fattening) way to motivate yourself is to put one yummy treat at the end of each page, so when you have finished studying that page (or paragraph depending on how many treats you want) you get a tasty treat to keep you reading the whole book. 

Get Fishing

Not literally, but studies suggest that eating fish, and other foods strong in Omega 3 such as nuts and olive oil can help boost your brain power and reduce anxiety. 


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Stay Healthy

It can be tempting to stay up all night eating junk food to cram as much studying in as possible, but this will only fail you. Make sure you get enough sleep, drink enough water and eat healthy meals to keep your brain and body functioning properly to get the most out of your studies. 

Ask for help

Sometimes, you just need someone with you to go over note cards, or quiz you. Just ask. During your time at JMC Academy, we are dedicated to helping students successfully through their course, so our student study support are around to give you a helping hand. 

Stick to our study tips and we are sure we will see you for our next intake!