Students Make it with JMC Academy

JMC Academy is excited to announce its brand new integration initiative, “Make it with JMC”.

This initiative aims to encourage students from all the different departments of JMC Academy to work together on real collaborative commercial projects, providing them with real world industry experience.
Integration is a crucial aspect of study and unique offering at JMC Academy and assists students in gaining a clearer understanding of the interrelated networks at play on a creative project. Be it the production of a print, TV or cinema advertisement, app or music for a film, the relationships between client, management and creative team is one that needs to be understood through experience. The art of delivering to a brief is an invaluable skill that many students need to learn as they embark on their professional careers.  
 “We felt the best way to give our students this opportunity was to involve them in pitching concepts for a series of real commercial projects we had on scope. We are confident in the quality of work our students produce and so trust in their ability to undertake work that would normally be outsourced to working industry (designers, copywriters and music producers," says Karen Markakis, Head of Marketing and Branding. 
”Instead of financially rewarding external providers, we were able to remunerate our students for the same work with potentially more honest and better outcomes.”
The first project that was part of the “Make it with JMC” initiative was a series of radio commercials for airwave juggernauts ARN and Austereo which saw students from the audio, entertainment business, music and songwriting departments come together to develop a concept, script, music and jingle then mastered and produced recordings. The commercials are currently live on air in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and will run into 2016.
The second, involving Game Development, Animation and Digital Design students required students to pitch their MERCH.jpgdesign style to be selected to curate a line of bespoke t-shirts for JMC Academy’s merchandise store. Students were asked to incorporate ‘an astronaut’, ‘the moon’ and ‘a spaceship’ into their designs with subliminal referencing to JMC’s brand elements. Four students, Jordi White, Adam Ak, James O'Brian and Julian Ball, designs were chosen and will be available for purchasing online with 50% of the total sale price of each t-shirt going directly to the student.  
"Working with students from other courses is important because it is creatively stimulating and allows everyone to approach the same task from different perspectives.” said Audio Engineering and Sound Production student, Jye Hannan who recently participated in the “Make it with JMC” radio commercial campaign alongside Contemporary Music and Performance students, Lauren Valatiadis and Mick Hambly and Entertainment Business Management student, George Kostopoulos.

To find out more about JMC Academy, come along to an upcoming information night by registering at www.jmcacademy.edu.au /events or to enquire about scholarship opportunities available for 2016 go to www.jmcacademy.edu.au.