Student in Focus: Giverny Du Preez

Giverny is currently studying a Bachelor of Audio Engineering & Sound Production at our Sydney Campus. She is an active member of both the JMC community and the audio industry and is clearly passionate about what she does. Giverny is also our student representative on the Academic Board. Read her interview below for a glimpse into life as a student studying audio at JMC. 

How did you decide that audio engineering was the career for you?

While I was growing up, I was always exposed to technology because my Dad would always be working on the computer. From then on, he introduced me to all types of technology and I have been captivated ever since. We would always get a thrill out of overcoming technology problems and finding new software. From 2010 - 2013, I studied a Bachelor of Music in Flute Performance and was exposed to the music technology side of the Industry. I fell in love with learning new audio software programs and found I could easily adapt to new interfaces. I loved the challenge of the stress, creativity, deadlines and excellent grades to be awarded with. In one particular course, Digital Music Production, I was exposed to Surround Sound and in the course Film Soundtrack Creation, I discovered my passion for Foley. My Flute teacher from The Sydney Conservatorium of Music recommended The JMC Academy because she believed music technology was my strength and she wanted to expose me to the professional side of the music industry. The skills that I have in particular that I think The JMC Academy is looking for are: a hard working person who is organised; reliable, professional, enthusiastic and willing to give up aspects of their daily routine in the hope that they can do their very best to achieve their dream. 

What made you choose the audio course at JMC Academy?

From The Bachelor of Music, I have experience across a range of music technology aspects and because Jack Foley is an inspiration for myself, I knew that The Bachelor in Creative Technology (Audio Engineering and Sound Production) was the right choice. I am not naturally academic, rather, I achieve in the creative side of life. I had a choice between Art and Music. I made that choice based on my skills and my passion for being able to manipulate audio across many different mediums. I have to work hard because I don’t have natural ability to bounce off, so I strive to do the very best I can across all areas of the Degree.  

What is your favourite aspect of the degree so far?

When I was applying for The JMC Academy, I thought my practical skills would outweigh the theory, but I found that my theory was on a completely different scale in comparison. I have enjoyed studying new areas like Electronics; MIDI, Live Sound and Acoustic Design/Audio Theory. This is because it has given me a whole new ball park to experience and fuel my understanding of Audio. I am looking forward to Foley and Surround Sound. There is one particular lecturer that I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from and that is The Head of Audio, Glenn Ferguson. I have never considered Acoustics before but I highly praise his teaching approach and feel that he encourages, in particular, students who want to go the hard yard and do their very best. Even though I currently am still focused on Foley, I have a great respect for Acoustics and Audio Theory.