Sounds Like the Perfect Mix

When JMC Academy student Tobias Atkins decided to enrol in audio engineering to 'make his guitar playing sound better', what he achieved was far greater. 

When 21-year-old Tobias Atkins decided to study audio engineering, his motivation was fairly simple. "I was singing and playing guitar in a band and I wanted to make it sound better," he says. "I thought I needed to produce, record and engineer my own music."

After taking a year off to weigh up his options, Atkins enrolled in the audio engineering stream of a three-year bachelor of creative technology at JMC Academy. He hasn't looked back.

"In the creative industry, you have to think a little bit more outside the box," he says. "I knew people who'd studied there and whether they were in audio, television or something else, they were working and doing cool things, "JMC is like a miniature music industry. Everyone in the college interacts with each other. Someone might come up and say I have a job and need an audio engineer to sit in and mix the track while we edit. It's like the real world."

Atkins should know. Besides studying, he runs his own recording studio, Altaria Studios, on the Northern Beaches. 

"I bought a lot of gear and started recording young bands around the beaches for free or not much money," he says. "Now, after two years, I've recorded over 25 bands." If there's a clue that Atkins is on the right track, it might be his love of his studies.

"Sometimes, it doesn't feel like going to college or uni. You're having so much fun making music sound better. I can't get enough of that."

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