Software showcase: RealFlow

What is RealFlow software?

Ever wondered how animators and film makers create such realistic effects with liquid? Everything from ships sailing across stormy seas, to Cadbury ads with flowing molten chocolate can be created using fluid simulation software, RealFlow. JMC Academy brought on RealFlow in late 2014 for students learning compositing to create fluid effects in animation and games. RealFlow is compatible with 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Lightwave, Maya, and XSI.

What can be done with RealFlow?

  • Creation of breaking waves, huge floods, turbulent coasts or ships travelling through water during a heavy storm. RealFlow calculates the conditions for splash, foam and mist formation, and automatically creates and controls these elements.
  • Mid-range simulations, such as creating splashes from rigid bodies, calculating the behaviour of gaseous fluids, or producing millions of ultra-fast particles to mimic spray.
  • Creation of ocean surfaces, allowing you to create waves, splash particles and ripples in different conditions from calm or breezy to stormy.
  • Simulation of phenomena, like collapsing structures, the behaviour of vehicles or hinged objects, explosions, and deformations of complex structures.
Check out all the amazing work created in RealFlow for TV, movies and commercials on their website here.