So you like to PLAY games, but why should you STUDY them?

‘Knowing that I would gain the skills to be able to create worlds never seen before, populate them with characters that don't exist, and to then be able to inject captivating stories into them. But most importantly for me, being able to share those creations and allowing people to emotionally connect, experience, be touched enough to take something from it.
That in itself is incredible to me.’

If you’re passionate about gaming, and have a talent for developing game-play concepts and understanding game mechanics, studying game development will give you the fundamental skills you need to kick-start your career.

We asked our game development students and staff why they wanted to study game development. Here’s what they said…

‘Applying my leadership to helm creative projects and get the best possible product out of my team. And for the glory of Sparta.' – Matthew Ballinger

‘Games are a whole different way of telling stories. Unlike films, where the author controls everything, the game developer creates a world and then sets it free for others to play in.”– Sean Callinan

‘The chance to craft experience.’ – Joshua Braddy

‘ The possibility of limitless creation in an industry where you can do just about anything. Nothing seems more amazing to me than the ability to create whole universes inside of my laptop.’ – Jordi White

‘The dementors in Harry Potter.  I remember seeing Prisoner of Azkaban at the movies and thinking ‘ man, I wanna know how to do that.’ – Rachel Neville

“It does come down to the individual, the reason I left a computer science degree to come here is they were teaching Java and VB while the game design was all theory. Here we get to learn C# in Unity and that in itself is a hire-able industry skill. JMC is a lot more hands on and that's why it's the better choice. Traditional universities haven't adapted to the changing landscape and online tutorials don't mean a thing compared to mentoring by experienced professionals.”

At JMC Academy, we believe in teaching all of the fundamentals of game design.
Here, you will learn how to design, develop and implement an idea, with emphasis on creativity and expression through concept creation, digital art, environment modelling and game engine implementation.

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