SIMSR to host Seminar on Sydney's Live Music Culture

At JMC, we do everything we can to support all live musicians and the live music scene around Australia. 


Last year, we teamed up with UTS School of Communication and created the Sydney Institute of Music and Sound Research (SIMSR). SIMSR is dedicated to developing research in various forms of music and sound and exploring the relationship between them and audiovisual media.

As a part of SIMSR, we have been keeping an eye on the current initiatives that are impacting Sydney’s live music culture and causing the industry that we love to take some major hits. In response to this, SIMSR will be holding a half-day seminar to discuss the state of the live music industry in Sydney and will host a number of industry professional speakers – including founder of the Keep Sydney Open Party, Tyson Koh, and JMC Brisbane’s Audio Head of Department, Lachlan Goold. 

Other speakers include: Martin Cloonan from the Turku Institute for Advanced Studies, who has advised on Australian live music policy; Rosa-Coyle Hayward from Wantok Music and co-author of Melbourne's recent live music census report; and Cary Bennett from The University of New England, who has researched Armidale’s live music scene.  

This event will seek to inform music students, musicians and music fans about how they can contribute to the debate positively and help revive Sydney’s live music industry.  

SIMSR will be hosting the event at the UTS Sydney campus on July 3rd from 4:00pm-8:30pm in Building 10 room 410. The event will include structured discussion time. Lively participation is welcome and refreshments will be provided. RSVP is essential.

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