The secret to getting more work in the creative industries

They say that only about 20% of work in the creative industries is advertised, so how do you get more work in an industry that doesn’t openly promote its jobs?

The key to getting more work is (drum roll please) … networking. It's the worst kept secret about the creative industries. We know you’re probably thinking “well duhhh”, but do you really know what that means? And more importantly, do you know how to do it?

Making friends

Networking doesn’t have to mean wearing suits everywhere and handing out business cards. Networking means building meaningful connections with people so when they have something they need doing, and are thinking about who they can pay to do it, you will be at the forefront of their mind.

Doing things for free

There is a common perception in the creative industries that people are asked too often to do things for ‘exposure’. This may be true in some instances, but if you do the right things for the right people, who may actually be able to utilise your skills in the future, then working for free can be a really good thing. This doesn’t mean you should gig for free in small pubs all the time, but find the meaningful opportunities which could either lead to more work, meeting more connections, or getting genuine exposure to a large enough target audience. 

Open your eyes

When you’re in a highly creative place like JMC Academy, take advantage of all the connections and networks you can build that are right there surrounding you. If you’re a music student, get to know your fellow musicians. Get to know your audio peers who could potentially record you in the future, and the film students, who may want a band to record an incredible music video. Animators and Game Developers all need music for their work, so build connections. Say hi, smile in the halls and utilise your surroundings. 

All JMC Academy tutors are currently still working in the industry, and all have substantial networks of their own. Students can gain valuable experience and opportunities through the connections they build with their tutors. They’re tutors, mentors and friends, so work hard, show your worth and build that network. 

Open your ears

Due to the nature of the industry, there are so many networking events available if you just look for them. JMC Academy often hosts networking events right on campus for students and the public, including the exclusive events brought to you by The Creative Network. Go along, shake hands, join in and show your face. As Screen Australia’s Lisa Duff said a Creative Network Industry Panel, “A lot of your work is going to be from people you meet. It’s really important to go to events. Put yourself in front of people and they will probably start recognising you.”

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