Relocating to study

Relocating to study can be a big decision, moving away from your home and starting fresh in a new city, but there are many benefits of doing so. 

JMC Academy Audio student Glenn relocated from Adelaide to Melbourne to take up his studies, melb1.jpgand talks to us about his experience... 

What made you want to study at JMC Academy?

Throughout high school I developed an intense interest in the production of audio. I was always involved in performing arts productions in school taking on the main roles on the technically aspect of things, I developed a passion for live sound, playing in bands and playing music from a young age and just always being surrounded by music growing up mixed with just wanting to understand what was happening in audio and how everything worked, it all just added together to a desire to learn more about it. I choose JMC for a couple of reasons; the main was no university in Adelaide offered a course like this.

What was the process of deciding to relocate to study at JMC?

For me I had visited Melbourne a lot as a kid and I had always loved it, there so much happening everywhere, and for music it’s just an amazing city. So I was fresh out of high school not knowing what I wanted to do, I discovered JMC and just went for it. It all happened pretty quickly really.

What is your favourite part about studying at JMC?

Most definitely I would have to say the people, both the students and the lecturers. Everyone was has the same attitude they’re here to learn and develop their passions, and the lecturers are so passionate on what they teach. It’s hard not enjoy being around them. Everyone knows how to have fun but there can be some serious and intense moments. I’ve probably made some of the best friends I’ll have through JMC.

What was the hardest part and how did you combat this?

The hardest part I found about moving was just being on my own for a while. It’s a weird feeling being in a new city and not knowing anybody else. You can’t call your friends to go for a beer at the pub because there 1000kms away. Things like coming home and the dishes were still in the sink. Little things that are become reliant on you. But eventually I got used to living on my own and I made new friends, it’s like the first day of school for about a month and eventually it wears away and I felt comfortable again.

How did you find it trying to find accommodation?

My first year away I lived in student housing, I was cramped into a tiny one room apartment, which had everything including the kitchen sink. But it was fantastic it was the first place I lived on my own and I loved every minute of it. After the first year myself and two other JMC students decided to move into a share house. Going from not knowing anyone on the first day of T1 to living with two of them by the end of T3 was great, the people your around really do become like family when you’re so far from your own.

What advice do you have to other people thinking about relocating to study?

Go for it, it was the best decision I made. By the end of the first week you’ll have enough friends around you that it’s not hard dealing with a new city or being away from your family. Talk to people, go out and socialize and just explore.

Do you feel you will now relocate permanently?

Yes! I’ve got great housemates and a new city that I have fallen in love with. I will definitely stay here longer.

If you have any questions about relocating to study, enquire here and one of our student recruitment advisors will be in touch.