Questions parents ask about working in the creative industry and how to answer them.

When considering what to study, some people don’t always take the creative industries seriously.  Well, here at JMC Academy, we simply raise our heads in pride, and tell them the facts.  

How much work is there in the creative industries?

Creativity is big business. In 2011, Australia had more than 600,000 people working in the creative industries and over 120,000 creative businesses. According to a recent report by consultancy group SGS Economics and Planning, the Creative Industries alone was estimated to have added more than $45 billion to Australia’s GDP in 2011-12 while generating more than $3.2 billion in annual exports. In addition ABS figures released in 2014 showed that the 2008-09 national accounts had a combined Cultural and Creative Industries contributing over $86 billion to our economy.  Now try telling us that isn’t serious! 

Can you guarantee a job at the end of the studies?

Any tertiary institution would be incapable of guaranteeing graduate employment beyond their studies. A students drive is one of the highest contributing factors here. If they have the passion to work in their respective fields, then they will apply themselves to finding the perfect job after graduation. If they graduated from the best school in the world, in a field they were not passionate about, then they may not be as driven to get a job in that field. That’s where the creative industries differ. Our students have passion and drive. What JMC Academy can guarantee is that your child will receive the highest level of tuition during their study with us. They will be immersed in a creative and vibrant environment with like-minded students. The connections that students create while studying often transfer into their professional lives. Because we have such a wide range of courses, and there is a lot of integration throughout the creative courses, we often find that after graduation, students often use eachother throughout their career and exchange useful contacts. Notwithstanding, in our 2014 survey (of over 500 recent graduate respondents), 68% found employment in a directly relevant field within 15 weeks of graduation.  
During their working life, graduates will undoubtedly find themselves working across a variety of industries. We therefore accept that our goal is to not only produce talented graduates, but those who can remain productive throughout their careers. This is achieved not only through the specialised skills taught within our courses, but through the development of soft skills such as collaboration, analysis and effective communication. This same survey revealed:
•    89% of graduates improved their skills in communicating with people.
•    94% developed their skills to work as an effective member of a team. 
•    90% felt they had the capacity to manage change effectively. 
•    95% of graduates agreed that their course provided them with the appropriate level of confidence in using relevant technology. 

Have a read of some of our graduates stories… 

Do you help students find jobs after graduation?

Many jobs in the creative industries are found via direct recommendations or referrals. At JMC Academy, many of these recommendations are made while students are completing their studies and via organisations that approach JMC for graduates. That is why we stress the importance of networking through our industry connected lecturers and taking advantage of the many work experience and internship opportunities that arise. Throughout their studies, students are progressively adding to their portfolio of work, networking with lecturers and students, and learning how to run their own businesses. All of this directly contributes to their ability to generate an income in a field they are passionate about and enjoy.  There are also many campaigns that JMC have created to help connect students with the industry, such as our Make It With JMC campaign where students work on our marketing material to help build their portfolio. We also hold speed networking events where we invite local companies to come and meet our students and view their work. This has been very successful and seen a number of our students go straight into a job with these companies after graduation.  

Steve jobs once said ‘The only way to create great work, is to love what you do’. If you love making music or playing and designing games, then you will spend the majority of your time doing it, and enjoying it. The result is a great portfolio, a network of connections, and more job prospectives.  

We wish all of our students the best of luck in their future endeavours, and we hope that your drive will shine through and gain you the jobs you deserve. And we hope people have stopped asking silly questions about your future, and realised that your future is bright.

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