Proof of persistence: Getting a job at an events company.

Nicole Forbes is a JMC Entertainment Business Management graduate, with an important and incredible story about finding work in the industry. We will let her tell it… Nicole-Forbes-2-(1).jpg

“My name is Nicole Forbes.
I moved over to the UK on the 22nd of January to chase a career within the music/events industry. Although I love Australia, I craved adventure and wanted to grow as a person and challenge myself. Once I landed in the UK, I was determined to find a job within the sector I had studied, however things were not that easy. I spent the majority of my days applying for jobs throughout the UK. I continuously received rejection emails. After several months, I started to become very disheartened and began thinking “maybe I'm not good enough to be successful within this industry”. After a few days feeling sorry for myself, I chose to believe differently and was determined to push through the rejection until I got the job I wanted.

I then found an events company in Leeds, England I wanted to work for called Wellpleased Events. I sent the CEO an email with a cover letter and resume explaining my experience and what I can offer. Within an hour, I was asked to attend an interview. I was sent a brief of an event and asked to put together a brief and budget for a client and present this to the Wellpleased Events team. 

After my presentation was over, I sat down with the CEO. He explained that although he invited me for an interview, there was currently not a position open. He had contacted me as he was intrigued by my cover letter and wanted to meet me.

I explained to him that I wanted to work for this company and I was not going to give up.

So, he put me on a trail. After two weeks, a position was opened for me and I was offered a full-time position. 

JMC prepared me for the real-world. I never thought I would ever have to do a presentation or stand in front of a group of professionals and present a brief, and yet that is exactly what I had to do. If it was not for the preparation, knowledge and encouragement I received from JMC I would not be here today. The lecturers spent time investing in me, and because of this I had the courage and confidence to move across the world and put that investment into action.

If I was to offer any piece of advice it would be to utilise the calibre of music/industry professionals that surrounded you each day. Do not take for granted the access you have. And lastly, take university seriously. I was one of those students who continued to switch off in lectures or daydream, and today it is one thing I regret. Take in as much as you can, and enjoy the journey.”

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