Professional Advice for Making it in the Creative Industries

With a wealth of creative industry professionals working here at JMC, we wanted to share some of that knowledge. 

So we did. In one minute bursts of industry know-how in the form of our One Minute Mentors Video series. 
Although some of the tutors may have knowledge in specific fields, they are all highly relevant for anyone looking to get into the creative industries. So, we’ve summed up some of the key lessons from our minute mentors for you in a neat little package. To watch all of the minute mentor videos, you can find them here…  
What we’ve learnt so far from our Minute Mentors…

1. How to be a good Manager

Lisa Duff – Screen Australia
Being a good producer you have to be good at managing, being hands on and communicate, ask people about their concerns. Stay calm in stressful situations and understand the workings of every department. 

2. Preparation is Key

Donal Hodgson - Audio Engineer, Grammy and Emmy winner
You can’t prepare enough for a session, so you need to find out all the information beforehand and think about how you can use this, then write a list and map out the session. 

3. Be Open Minded

Rick Grossman – Hoodoo Gurus
Don’t be so precious about your work.  You can always build upon and develop your work, and don’t be afraid to collaborate to try something new. 

4. Market yourself

Mireille Ryan – CEO of Social Media Marketing Institute. 
Think about the platforms to best market yourself and put your best foot forward.  

5. Time Management

Ben Kumanovski- Owner of ‘Global Pictures’
Be organised, and show people how dedicated you are by being on time, hard working and willing. 

6. Be adaptable

Andrew Barnum – Digital Designer
Research, and a willingness to experiment can build your confidence and make you more adaptable in new situations. 

7. Consistency

Damien Schenider- Previous Animation Artist at Disney
Sticking to guides and paying attention to the finer details to help with consistency. 

8. Practise your Craft

Sean Foran – Head of Contemporary Music at JMC
Practise, Practise, Practise. And then collaborate and practice some more. 

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