Producing a dance track by global collaboration

Our Melbourne campus Head of Audio Engineering and Sound Production Rob Care is a man of many talents. As an Audio Engineer, Music Producer and Percussionist, Rob has gained international success in the music industry, and he can now add his latest project to a long list of successes.

RobCare1.jpgA collaboration with fellow producer Darren Glenn, featuring vocalist Rowetta, his latest track ‘Key To My House’ recently cracked the top 10 in the dance track charts on Kiss FM in Melbourne, sharing the chart with the likes of The Presets and Basement Jaxx. The track was signed to Smooth Agent Records in Chicago USA. 

Rob first got in contact with the guys in Chigaco about 4 years ago, as they were releasing music that he really enjoyed personally. He started to realise that his music fit well into the style and direction that the label were pushing. After an initial email, they got chatting about music projects and soon after, they started working together. This is Rob’s second release on the label, and he’s also worked on various other projects mixing and mastering for their other releases. 

This particular track was a real global collaboration. After deciding that strong soulful vocals would be the key to the sound, they tracked down the perfect artist all the way over in the UK, where the vocals were recorded. From there, the track was mixed and mastered in Australia and then sent to the US for release. 

When asked about his inspiration, Rob says it’s just anything that is funky and has soul...and percussion! Prince, Masters at Work and Brand New Heavies to name a few. With luck, he will have two more releases before the end of the year featuring some local talent, and also a remix on Purple Music in Switzerland.

With his wealth of industry experience and plethora of contacts, Rob is instrumental in creating real opportunities for his students, whether it be securing work experience roles or introducing them to key contacts who can help them take the next step in their careers. 

Take a listen to 'Key To My House'