One student, two placements! Real Life Experience in Live Sound

Indonesian Audio Engineering student Elida Gibsiko recently completed two work placements in Sydney.

She now has some professional experience in live sound and received a glowing recommendation for her work. We had a chat with her to learn more.

You recently did an internship at a live show. Tell us about the experience. How were you involved and what did you do for the show?
At Hidden Sydney, I was working as an audio and lighting operator. My main duties were to set up the equipment, sound check the cast before the show and also operate the audio and lighting cues during the show. I have never done live sound before I took this internship. It provided really good hands-on experience for me, as I was able to face real-life work problems and managed to fix them. It also gave me clear insight of a live sound, professional environment. 

Did you put into practice some of the things you learned through your studies at JMC? 
Yes, doing an internship definitely is the best way to convert my academic knowledge into a real working situation. The best example for this is that in class, I have learned how to set up equipment for a live show and also learned the signal flows, but reading books and making drawings are not enough. Through this internship, I got the opportunity to do all these in a real situation with my own hands.
After you completed your internship, you received an opportunity to work at another live show. How did you find out about it and what is your involvement?
I was the front of house audio engineer at this show called "Women in Theatre & Screen", where women were gathered together showing people the equality of gender in the creative industries. The idea behind this show is that women technicians and creatives often get left out of these conversations about equity and I found this fascinating. I learned about the show through one of my lecturers. My tasks were sound checking the performers (they are amazing), live mixing and operating some audio cues. Overall, I enjoyed working at this show so much.

Why did you decide to get involved with this show? 
I am trying to take as many opportunities as possible. I believe that all that I have learned through these work placements will impact my future in a positive way. The experiences are priceless – you cannot buy them!

What advice would you give to students thinking about doing internships or studying at JMC?
Internships are the best way to find your capabilities in a certain field and also to build up experiences before you jump into a full career. It also looks great on your resume. By doing an internship you will also be able to interact and network with professionals in your field who can possibly lead to more work, or even a permanent job. So look out and take the opportunities as much as possible because they will never chase you.

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