New Years Resolutions everyone should make

It’s that time of year again...


When people start coming out with their new years  resolutions, mainly ones that they ultimately won’t stick too… Go to the gym more, lose weight, drink less, be better at saving, call my mum more. But we’ve put some together that you really should stick to, in order to help your career and your general mind set!

Grow your network 

Socially and Professionally. It’s always fun to get to know new people, and if they’re the right people, they could be very helpful. Go and meet industry contacts, go to networking events and connect with people on LinkedIn. In his speakshop at JMC Academy, Ram Castillo said that ‘It’s not who you know, but who knows you’. Don’t ask people straight out for a connection, but get to know them and let them get to know you. Staff and tutors at your school or university are a great first stepping stone, as all of our staff here at JMC Academy have been successful in their field or are still currently working in that industry, giving you direct access to industry professionals. 

Take time to enjoy

Stop panicking, stop stressing and enjoy what you have. Working hard all the time isn’t worth it if you don’t get to reap the benefits. Take a moment some times to just stop, take a deep breath, and smile.  Be positive and try to look at each situation with an optimistic and open mind. 

Keep Learning

Whether you just read new industry news, take a course or practice your instrument, my favourite phrase is; ‘Every day is a learning day’. The world is constantly changing, and you need to keep up to stay relevant. I once read that one of people's biggest regrets in life is not getting a degree as it can open so many doors. Explore various courses and study something that interests you. Take a look at JMC's creative courses available here... 

Keep your portfolio updated

CV, Portfolio, Showreel, Gig list, LinkedIn; whatever will attract employers attention to hire you, keep it updated. Whether this is on your own document so you don’t forget, or your LinkedIn page, make a note of all of your achievements so when you need to tell someone important, you won’t forget, or spend days trying to update the 5 year old information. 

Be more organised

Being more organised can not only help with your work life balance, but can help to lower stress. Instead of frantically trying to find things, or rush somewhere, or panic about last minute changes, organise yourself in advance. Take a look at our top tips to stay organised here… 

Be more confident

You are great. You just need to convince yourself it. Be more confident in yourself and in your craft. Throw yourself into other situations that will help increase your confidence, tell people your ideas and say ‘thank you’ when someone compliments you, rather than arguing it. 

Good luck, and we hope you have a fabulous New Year, and manage to stick to at least some of these resolutions!

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