New JMC Pop Out Flyers

As a creative institute, we’re constantly trying to think of new ways to get JMC Academy remembered in fun and creative ways. That’s why we’ve come up with these brand new Pop Up Flyers!

You will be able to find these at expos or school visits, or if you ask nicely we may send one out to you! They pop up and fold to make a fun little cardboard toy!
They are available in 3 designs; A Piano, A Video Game Controller and a Video Camera.  

If you’re unsure how to put them together ( they can get a bit fiddily) then we’ve put together some how-to videos below. Enjoy!


Specifically for those interested in our Contemporary Music Performance Course, Songwriting Course, Entertainment Business Management Course and Audio Engineering Course. 

Video Game Controller

More for those interested in our Game Development or Animation Courses. 



Perfect for those interested in our Film & TV Production course or our Digital Design Course.