My Trip to London with JMC's Music Exchange Program

A handful of JMC Academy Melbourne students recently travelled to London on an all-expenses paid, once in a lifetime music exchange hosted by Nando's! 

As the only institute in Australia to be invited, 6 JMC students were given the opportunity to go to London’s Roundhouse to collaborate with students from England and South Africa, working with other musicians and professionals to write, record and perform original work.

Student Emanuel Yoong Zhuang described how “The process of co-writing with musicians from South Africa and London was interesting to learn how music is being expressed from a different perspective in terms of cultures and background influences. I am overwhelmed with Hip Hop culture in London and this was my first time writing rap lyrics for a song. The network, knowledge and experience I gained from this trip allows me to have ability to produce any songs and reach out to a global network of international audiences.”

“The exchange was a great experience as preparation for working in the music industry as you need to get used to working with a lot of new people and creating music according to briefs on schedule. I learnt how to work efficiently with a team of writers within a time limit and also being more open to other ideas and trust those judgements as it can really make a difference in the project.” said JMC student Zoe Marshall who went along on the trip. 

“I think what I will remember the most are the friends that I've now made, who I'll continue to stay in contact and make more music with in the future. Also, a very memorable moment was having our track aired on BBC radio 1xtra which was unexpected and rewarding!”

Another student that travelled to London with the group, Daniel Roughley, described how “I think it was so rare to be given this opportunity and to spend it with incredibly talented and funny people just made it even better. The collaborating aspect at the Roundhouse was always going to be a great experience, but the fun times we had together really made the whole trip even more memorable.”. 

JMC prides itself on the industry connections and therefore opportunities, internships and global exchange programs it can provide its students. Take a look at our LA Film School Trip and our Fonty’s Exchange program for just a few of the global connections JMC delivers.

“Nando’s should be commended for this amazing initiative.  After asking in a multitude of ways why Nando’s has created this program with Roundhouse, I have concluded that they are doing it as their way to give back.  They are passionate about music, art, creativity and young people.  They have married those things together, found a great partner and the Music Exchange was born.  It is this passion and interest that sustains both artists and young people.  The world needs more of these champions. I can’t express enough how special this experience was for everyone involved.  Thank you to Cath Palfreyman and the entire Nando’s and Roundhouse teams for including Australia and JMC.  We look forward to seeing this program grow.”- Michele Bauer – Head of Entertainment Business Management

You can hear one of the groups songs here: 

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