My review of The Creative Network Film Industry Workshop

JMC Academy were proud to host the first instalment of The Creative Network Events. Film & TV Production Student Curtis Lee attended the Film Industry Workshop hosted by Screen Australia's Investment Manager Lisa Duff. Here's what he thought of the night...LISA-DUFF-1-300.jpg

There is something to be said for how well Lisa Duff and the panel brought inspiration to a room full of students, both past and present. In the audience were teachers and members of the community, all there looking to take in valuable information about how to get their screen project funded. The first event for the ‘Creative Network’ consisted of two parts: A Q&A panel and a pitching practice workshop. The award winning panel didn’t disappoint. In the mix were JMC alumni, Screen Australia, Universal and Bonsai Productions, just to name a few.

With such an eclectic group of people on the stage, it was a whirlwind of ideas being presented on how to get a project off the ground and how no two roads will ever be the same. One member of the panel founded his own production company and specialised in arthouse type features, whereas the member for Universal spoke about the logistics behind blockbuster features. Big or small, a lot of information was provided on how to get your start and the passion was clear in these voices sharing their knowledge. 

After the Q&A, there was a meet and greet that followed, where everyone was able to take their shot at trying to impress the very people we may one day be pitching our ideas too. After a short break we all returned to the auditorium for the second part of the evening; The Workshop.

Lisa made this a very interactive experience and these are often the times where we learn the most, with hands on practice. Put into teams, we were all given a list of guidelines for how to approach a pitch and then given a random movie title and genre to apply this practice. After the awkwardness of being paired with strangers passed, laughter could be heard around the room as teams put their minds together to create something out of nothing.

Team by team we all pleaded our case for why we believed our make believe project should be funded. This was followed up with wonderful feedback from Lisa who gave us all pointers on what we did well and how we could take our approach even further. Valuable knowledge that will no doubt help us all in the future.

Since my time at JMC, I have been privy to attending events that I otherwise may not have heard about and these are the moments where JMC shines. It is consistently going above and beyond to help students both in and outside the classroom. This may have been the first ‘Creative Network’ but it most certainly shouldn’t be the last.

You can find The Creative Networks next Event, an Industry Panel Q&A on Music & Film here and get your ticket. 

JMC and AFTT students and Alumni can all go for free!

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