My JMC Journey Through Entertainment Business Management

Entertainment Business Management student, Sam, in his final trimester reflects on the ups, downs and overall experience of studying at JMC, from learning law to managing artists and everything in between!

"I never thought I could be analysing my favourite festivals or studying Beatles albums"

University. The word itself is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. The first thing that used to spring to mind when anyone mentioned this word was lots of stress, endless hours with my head shoved in boring textbooks and being just another body in a sea of hundreds of students in a lecture hall while the wildly dull professor at the front explains another physics or business theory while I struggled to keep my eyes open. I never thought it could be analysing my favourite festivals or studying Beatles albums. I didn’t want to commit so many years of my life learning about topics I was not only not passionate about, but did not even have a slight interest in. If I had known I could have spent that time organising gigs and music videos I might not have been so hesitant.

At one point, uni didn’t even seem like an option. All I cared about was enjoying myself and watching everyone else around me enjoying themselves at the same time. Then it hit me, maybe I belong working in the entertainment industry.

The business of entertainment is a unique and exciting industry, one I knew couldn’t be taught with conventional teaching methods such as reading and listening to theory. An alternate approach was needed for me to gain the skills and knowledge required to be successful. So I searched and found the answer- JMC Academy.

JMC offered me the perfect course, Entertainment Business Management. This was exactly what I was looking for. A course that actually offered me subjects in which I didn’t just have to survive, but subjects I knew I would enjoy. The promise of industry professionals to guide me through from start to finish sealed the deal and I was in.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I found a University that offered a course that allowed me to get in depth lectures on exciting topics including:

  • Festival Management
  • Band Management
  • Film and Television Production Management 
  • Social Media Content Development
  • Tour Management
  • The business of being ‘cool’

In my first trimester with JMC I had been introduced to my lecturers who each had their own industry stories including touring with Aerosmith, managing famous Australian acts and producing multiple Australian films throughout their respective careers. Since then, throughout my time, here I have had lecturers that have come from all corners of the industry to teach us their skills and share their experience. I have been taught by music producers, event managers, artist managers, entrepreneurs and tour managers, just to name a few.

As these lecturers aren’t your standard boring professor type teachers, they managed to keep my entire class consistently interested even through topics that seemed gruelling on the surface. Law principles were specialised and focused on relevant entertainment studies such as band contract negotiations and tour agreements. Accounting classes focused on touring payment algorithms and management payment breakdowns (our money!).

But perhaps my favourite thing about learning at JMC has been being able to get my hands dirty and get out in real world situations instead of just learning theory in the classroom. So far in  my time at JMC I have found myself:

  • Working with a team to organise an end of trimester gig for the entire college, including booking the venue, organising the live talent for entertainment and playing individual roles to ensure success on the day
  • Working with an up and coming band to develop their brand by handling all management aspects of their career including recording music, launching their online profile and working to book gigs
  • Working with the film and television students to develop an idea and help in the production of a music video for a band on campus

Getting in and actually getting involved in these projects hands on helped me get a feel for how these things work in the real world. I went through many ups and downs in all of these practical assignments but learnt valuable lessons throughout about working with all sorts of personalities, how to solve the many problems we encountered on the way and working to a deadline to produce a final product.

I have truly enjoyed my time so far at JMC and have learnt countless lessons that any other uni would not be able to teach. I am now staring down the barrel of graduation and cannot wait to have a hit out in the real world and put all my experience to the test.

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