Muso learns the score

Muso learns the score. Knowing how the industry works is essential to a noteworthy career in music. 

Jess_Dunbar.jpgThe best performing artists are the ones who make it look effortless. Many, however, are often fooled by this deception. Television talent shows are proof of this: hordes of hopefuls crash and burn during auditions, demonstrating that it takes more than a dream to make it.

Sydney-based singer-songwriter Jess Dunbar is under no illusions. She's learning about the practicalities of the music business or, in her words, everything you need "to not get screwed over in the industry". Dunbar has played the guitar since she was 13 and been writing songs for almost as long. These talents scored the 19-year-old a scholarship to study a Bachelor of Entertainment (Popular Music and Performance) at JMC Academy. 

‘When you come out of high school, you're a bit naive: you think, 'just being on stage, that's pretty much it'. But there are so many things that are involved to be able to make it and have longevity," the former Bankstown Grammar student says. "Without JMC, I wouldn't have known that. I would have just played in pubs and hoped a scout came and discovered me."

Instead, Dunbar is making her career happen. Her original "alternative folk" music is now part of Triple J's Unearthed, where listeners can vote to get her on air.

She has also put a class assignment to design a recording studio into practice, creating one at home in which she plans to record her first album. 'You use everything," she says of what she is being taught at JMC

JMC wishes Jess all the best in the recording of her first album. You can listen to Dunbar's work at myspace.com/jessdunbar. 

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