Musician's Career on Track

In the past two years musician Matt Price has played more than 200 gigs - no small feat considering he is only 19 years old and is on a scholarship at the JMC Music Academy in Surry Hills.

Price will play two shows at the Woolwich Hotel in Hunters Hill this month. Despite his busy schedule Price plays about three shows in and around Sydney every week.

“I realised when I left St Joseph’s High School in 2008 that I had to be proactive,” Price said. “I sent off emails to pretty much every single booking agent in NSW so that I could start getting regular shows.

“It is a tough industry to crack.”

Price says he took the bold step of joining the school choir in both primary and high school, and hasn’t looked back. “Joey’s was a very football focussed school, so you can imagine what it was like being the boy singer,” he said.

“But I also played in the school band and picked up a guitar, and I play drums as well.” He also plays the keyboard and “dabbles” with the didgeridoo and harmonica.

He has played at events such as the Moocooboola Festival and at weddings, corporate events and art shows. More recently he worked with musicians Peter Northcote and Gemma Wood, with whom he played support slots for Axle Whitehead and Damien Leith.

Price is now focussing on developing more of his own original material on top of playing acoustic, pop-rock covers.

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