Hollywood production mainstay for student projects

Hollywood production system becomes a mainstay for student projects at JMC Academy.

JMC_3794.jpgJMC Academy's new Mo-cap (Motion Capture) system is increasingly being integrated into the projects of our games, animation and film students alike.

The Optitrack 18 camera solution, using the Flex 3 camera and Motive software, has now become an integral part of the student facilities at each of JMC’s campuses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The accessibility of the system means students can quickly grasp the fundamentals of the capture process, and efficiently obtain diverse libraries of motion and performance data from which to build animation, games and VFX sequences.

The Optitrack software and hardware platform was designed to eliminate the issues historically associated with motion capture workflows. “The benefits delivered by this system to our students include cleaner motion data and larger data-capture provisions”, states Sydney Head of Animation and Game Development Sean Callinan. “The interface is very easy for our students to navigate and can deliver full body data across a substantial capture area. The system serves students as an excellent learning model for working with larger commercial systems later in their careers.

Head of Games in Brisbane, Mark Dickie, is also excited about the prospect of building on the application of the system to cater to the growing demand for next-gen games and of course, animation and visual effects. 
The possibilities for integrating and building on the capabilities of the Optitrack system are virtually open-ended and will be limited in the future only by our students’ imagination. 

Optitrack systems are used by major game developers like Ubisoft and Activision, as well as large Mo-cap facilities like Andy Serkis’s The Imaginarium. The system has also been used by smaller animation houses for TV commercials and VFX, and for experimental digital art, robotics and human factors research in the academic world.