Mic to Monitor delivers key industry insights at JMC Academy

Lovers of all things tech, we invited Prism Sounds to present their Mic to Monitor free industry seminar here at JMC Academy. 

Targeted at music production students, hobbyists and professionals, Mic to Monitor aimed to deliver key insights into modern day recording, mixing and mastering techniques, and that it did. 

The FREE Seminar looked at topics such as; How do the pros do it? What makes great gear great? How is that hit sound achieved? What does it take to become a successful and in-demand engineer?

To kick off the event, technology writer and sound engineer Greg Simmons began revising some basic principles of microphone usage and selection including polar responses, transduction principles and characteristics of diaphragm types and sizes. He then went into more detail about certain mic specifications and how we can use this information to make better choices when recording. He explored various types of microphones and took the audience through his flowchart for choosing the right microphone for the recording by considering the volume, distance, rejection and tonality of the piece.

Jody from Prism Sound then took over, at which point we began to live stream his talk on our Facebook Page.

Watch our Live Facebook Stream here

He covered some interesting points about how to select the right kinds of analogue to digital converters for your studio and explained some of the pitfalls to look out for when doing so. He showed some interesting audio examples that helped explain the difficult concepts of “dither” and “jitter” and also amused the audience with some amazing psychoacoustic demonstrations.

After a short break, Greg came back on and with some audience participation, demonstrated some acoustic principles to make your listening space more accurate and usable so that your mixes will translate a lot better in the real world. There was some great questions from audience members and some ‘aha moments’ as they really understood for the first time, the interaction between their speakers and the rooms they were mixing in.  

The last guest speaker was a fascinating local award winning producer with a number of hits and major credits to his name, JP Fung. His talk was very down to earth and full of tips on vocal production and how to be successful as a freelance engineer/producer. It was inspiring to hear some of the great mixes that he has done and there was lively discussion with the audience members who were keen to learn the secrets of his success. 
We would like to thank Prism Sounds for their inspirational and informative event. 

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