Matt & Jess soar into superstardom on The X Factor

Jess Dunbar and her boyfriend Matt Price, both Alumni of JMC Academy, have had a whirlwind experience since their first audition in front of judges Guy Sebastian, James Blunt, Dannii Minogue and Chris Isaak on The X Factor Australia. 

We have watched in anticipation and hope as Matt and Jess performed in front of British talent mogul Simon Cowell, singer Olly Murs and their coach, Guy Sebastian, and moved onto the Live Rounds.

Matt and Jess are no strangers to the stage, having completed their degrees at JMC Academy and constantly gigging around Sydney, clocking up over 1000 gigs. However, nothing could have prepared them for performing on live television.

The duo were an instant hit during the auditions with their rendition of Georgia, originally by fellow Aussie artist Vance Joy, on the X Factor stage with all the judges expressing excitement and compliments over their performance. 

“When I get that excited to hear somebody sing, that’s a good sign,” Isaak said.

“I’ve never seen so much talent on an X Factor stage,” Sebastian said.

Price said listening to his father’s Stevie Wonder records as a child inspired him to become a musician and eventually bought him to study at JMC Academy where he met his future performance and romantic partner, Jess Dunbar. 

“I got offered a three-year scholarship to study a Bachelor of Music at JMC,” he said. “That was the main factor which convinced me the universe was pointing towards me to do music.”

Likewise, Jess found her true love for music when her grandfather found a guitar on the side of the road, completely fixed it up and gave it to her on her 13th birthday.

“At the first audition, I was so nervous. I’m so used to being the background music to someone’s dinner,” Jess said. “Now we’re the centerpiece.”

Kemo Bungeric, Head of Contemporary Music and Performance at JMC Sydney, always knew that both Matt and Jess would go far in their careers. “They were definitely stand out [performers] throughout their studies at JMC. I am very excited to see them getting so far in X Factor and doing so well in their careers!” he said.

They also recently appeared in 'Who' magazine talking about their time of the X Factor, and how they met here at JMC! Have a read here.  

The pair finally secured their place in the live finals and coming third!
Congratulations to Jess and Matt who have also now been signed by Sony records and have just started recording their first album!