Making a plan for happiness – interview with JMC alumni Mo Seetubtim

These days, JMC alumni, entrepreneur and business owner Mo Seetubtim spreads her time between London and San Francisco. She is the Founder and CEO of The Happiness Planner, a business that provides beautiful self-development and self-management tools to help people live their best life.

Her journey towards self fulfillment started when she moved from Thailand to Australia to study. She credits this adventure with giving her the freedom to be her most authentic self.

‘I was on my own and had no one telling me what to do, what I was allowed or not allowed to do. There were no societal expectations or group pressure to conform. I made all new friends and could completely be myself and be whoever I wanted to be. It was liberating.’

Mo studied Entertainment Business Management at JMC Academy while also working for a music agency. She had tried waitressing and retail but found they didn’t quite ‘fit.’ So she kept looking.

‘I’ve always loved music and going out, and thought that a great way to meet people who liked the same kind of music I do was to become a promoter. At that time Facebook and social media marketing was fairly new, but I was good at it. I became quite well known as a promoter and got a lot of people through gig doors and festival gates.’

‘I’ve always been entrepreneurial so I really enjoyed doing something where I had to take the initiative from start to finish to make something happen.’



Mo continued to ‘make things happen’ as she launched her own business, The Happiness Planner.‘You need a lot of belief in yourself in order to take a leap of faith and stop looking for a normal job – which is ongoing security. You have to trust in your ability to earn an ongoing income on your own. For me, building that belief meant I had to change my mindset about time and money and grow my own self belief. I read a lot and underwent a mindshift so that I could do it.’

Mo has great advice for young people who have ideas and passions to pursue.

‘Start now. Don’t wait for the right moment. Start it as a passion or a hobby when you’re a student. Grow it from there. One day that passion will become your purpose or full-time career if you keep watering it with love, energy, and attention.’

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