Make it with JMC - T-Shirts

The new 'Make it with JMC' integration initiative saw 4 of our students design their own T-Shirt for sale on our JMC Merchandise store. 

Involving Game Development, Animation and Digital Design students, they were required to pitch their design style to be selected to curate a line of bespoke t-shirts for JMC Academy’s merchandise store. Students were asked to incorporate ‘an astronaut’, ‘the moon’ and ‘a spaceship’ into their designs with subliminal referencing to JMC’s brand elements. Four students, Jordi White, Adam Ak, James O'Brian and Julian Ball, designs were chosen and are available for purchasing online with 50% of the total sale price of each t-shirt going directly to the student.

Purchase their designs now!

We chatted to some of them to see how it all went!

How did you feel when you found out you had been picked to design the new JMC merchandise?
Julian: I was very excited. The thought I could make a 
unique design that others would wear with pride made me feel great, and I wanted the design to have emotion and meaning behind it making it all that more special. Graphic design is a hobby of mine so to win a contest to take my skills to the real world is a big step in the right direction, and I am very pleased to be able to be apart of this. 

James: I was ecstatic; I knew from the start that I would be up against other students from all over the country so I wasn’t really expecting to get selected.

Adam: I was so happy, to have my artwork contributed to one of Australian’s largest Creative Industry Leaders in Schooling. As well as that, it would provide me with experience in this industry from a professional aspect.

How did you find the experience of creating your design, and working with the marketing team?

Julian: It was a very seamless and easy experience making the design and talking to the marketing team. I had a very solid concept in my mind from the word go so after my first draft the team liked the design and we chose to use my first idea as the final design. I was very happy that the team loved the idea as much as I did and they were a great help in pointing me in the right direction. 

James: I though it was interesting, the marketing team 
already had a clear idea of what direction they wanted to head in conceptually so it was just up to me to convert their ideas into something that could appeal to the student body.

Adam:  It was very insightful on how things work in the background; the long nights running emails back and forth. Adding little changes here and there, it all allowed me to develop the skill in which will help me in the future.

What do you feel you gained most from this experience of working in a real industry job?

Julian: A very useful skill I learned from this task is working under pressure, having to fill a deadline in a specific time-frame using a set outline. This encouraged me to pour all my focus into my designs and really try to make some quality work within the given time. This was a great learning experience to help manage time and maintain a steady pace of work, which is crucial in a professional environment. 

James: I would have to say working with the marketing team gave me a much stronger understanding of the relationship between me the designer and the client. With most of the jobs I’ve done in the past there wasn’t a lot of back and forth between the client and I, however with Make It With JMC there were a lot of redesigns and readjustments.    

Adam: The communication skills, how to change and tweak my own work to suit the style that the client wants. Also how to deal with clients and dead lines, to manage my time that allows me to be flexible with my work and life.

What advice would you give other students thinking about putting themselves forward for ‘Make It With JMC?’

Julian: I would just say go for it! I never thought I would be able to have this opportunity and with a little hard work my submission was picked. I learnt some valuable skills and got to make some cool art at the same time, so there's no risk in not trying your hardest!  

James: For other students I would suggest having a solid portfolio of varied material that shows both your technical skills and flexibility in style and medium. Also having strong digital skills is a must, especially for design jobs such as this one.

Adam: Do It!! What I have learnt about this is to get into anything, put your name everywhere as it will help you in the long run. To have your work put out there for the world to see is what is really going to develop not only your skills but your fan base. No matter what you do try your hardest to put yourself out there for people to see.

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