Long hours making tracks

Nick Franklin didn't realise he had started his own business until it was already up and running. 

"I figured out I was doing three to four recordings a month and it would be a viable thing to do [for a living]," he says. 

As an audio engineer, Franklin processes and edits music for albums. As a part of his business, he also creates and manufactures his own handmade audio equipment. "I might think such and such is useful but no one's making it or not making it at a reasonable price. It works in my favour [that they are handmade] because people like the idea of having something limited-edition,” Franklin says.

He undertook his first paid projects while studying for a Bachelor of Creative Technology at JMC Academy but made sure that he had plenty of experience before taking the work on. 

"At JMC we had access to the studios any time, so in first and second year I'd go in every weekend, learning how to record, to practise." 

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