Let's Get Physical - Bringing Fitness to Focus

We know mum has been on your back about getting out of bed and into the sunshine forever, but this Wellness Week we’re taking on the mum role and giving physical health some well-deserved promotion. 

Exercise has always stood out as the gold medal contribution to win at healthy living, and rightly so. You’ve got boosted energy levels, snooze time gets an upgrade and sometimes it can even be…fun? Adding some exercise to your daily routine adds some much needed mental check-in time with yourself.
This Wellness Week is running at the time of the year when everyone starts dropping off their new year resolution band wagons. Although, if your keen to bring back that skip in your step and get healthy, then take a look at some of these exercise suggestions to fit in your daily routine. 

Trade Your Wheels in for some Fresh Air

Stretch those legs instead of choosing to use your car and get out in the fresh air. Your body, mind and the environment will thank you for it. If you are going somewhere that is a little bit out of walking distance, jump on a train or a bus rather than driving or Ubering. If you MUST get in a car to get all your gear to the gig, make sure you get as many of the band in as possible for a carpool. You can even practice your cover set car-karaoke style on the way there.

Change Up Your YouTube Searches

We know you’re scrolling through YouTube to check out animation tutorials and covers from your favourite bands, but there’s so much more to start looking for. Why not add some short exercise tutorials to your queue? There are 100’s of channels dedicated to teaching the net all about the basics of getting your heart rate up through circuits, simple workouts or even yoga and mediation. And the best bit is, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. Once you start to get the hang of the beginner’s classes, opt for more advanced videos and update your skill set.

Get Up and Dance

If generic forms of exercise aren’t your cup of tea, add some music to your moves for a Zumba experience. All that dancing you’ll be bringing back to your life can start reducing your blood pressure and even triglyceride levels (that sounds important, best to keep them down).

Turn Your Hobbies into Health

Whether it's during your commutes, during the day or falling asleep; we’re all listening to music. It’s everyone’s go-to hobby. What if listening to music could be considered good for you? According to science, IT IS! The benefit of music therapy indicates that your immune system will be boosted, your mood is regulated all whilst moderating our response to stressful stimuli. There’s no better way to get your physical health in check now is there?
Use this Wellness Week and some of our advice as an opportunity to start changing your routines to include some of these simple tricks - we promise you will see a major difference in how you feel and it will happen pretty quickly!