LA Study Tour Applications have opened!

Applications are now open for the coveted 2018 JMC Study Tour to Hollywood! Twenty JMC Academy students will spend two weeks in Los Angeles, USA!

This subject is a special project based on research and learning undertaken in conjunction with Columbia College Hollywood in Los Angeles. Students will participate in a range of study experiences, including workshops taught by industry experts and educators, visits to major film studios and other activities in Los Angeles.

On completion of the two-week program in Los Angeles, students will continue with a 12-week special project on campus in Australia. Individual projects are based on a single project topic of the student’s choice that is then developed over the length of the course. Students will be supervised and will work in conjunction with a supervisor to complete the final project.

We caught up with Film and Television student, Tim Eather, who went on last year’s tour to find out what he got up to…

timeatherlandscape800300.jpgImage Credit: Tim Eather

So Tim, how was the trip?  What were your highlights?

Once you tick all the boxes doing all of the touristy stuff, which is fun, just going out and meeting people that you don’t know, like hanging out with other JMC people from mixed states, departments and trimesters. It was great to learn from them. Live music is pretty much everywhere, gigs were good. Hollywood isn't really running out of entertainment options. Seeing Conan in real life, that was cool!

Was there something that surprised you or particularly inspired you?

That once you are close to all the action, it doesn't seem that unreachable to get into the industry, if you wanted it enough you could find your way in!

How do you think going on the study tour helped improve your skills and future prospects in the industry?

It was definitely an eye opener to see how the Hollywood industry works, it gave me more insight to what I feel personally works for me as a filmmaker and what direction I would like to head.

What advice would you give someone considering applying for the trip?

If you have never travelled before this is a great way into it, if you genuinely want to learn about different cultures and how another part of the world operates don't waste these opportunities. It also helps improve your creativity by at least seven times…!

About the Columbia College

Colombia College Hollywood is located in in the north-west part of Los Angeles, around 30 minutes from West Hollywood.  CCH is housed in the former world headquarters of Panavision. Its degree programs immerse students in the full range of creative, technical, and business skills necessary to navigate the limitless entrepreneurial opportunities in a competitive industry. CCH provides access to the core of the movie industry with internships, employment opportunities, professional equipment, and real world experience.

CCH’s Bachelor of Fine Arts (Cinema) includes majors in Producing, Directing, Cinematography and Sound. For more information visit their website here.

Keen? Click here for more information on how to apply. Applications close June 24th, so get in quick!

Open to JMC bachelor students studying Film & Television. Interested in international opportunities for 3D Animation, Game Design or Digital Design? Click here to find out about our Japan Study Tour.