LA Film School Trip- Our Stories

A selection of JMC Academy students from a variety of courses headed off to Los Angeles for two weeks this September 2016 for the LA Film School Trip!

Hear directly from the students how they found the experience!
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Jordan Reynolds – Audio Engineering

The trip really has been motivating. Meeting so many people that have done so well for themselves, without the ire of fame. The skills and experiences gained throughout this trip have deepened my understanding of the film and business disciplines. I have better learnt how to present myself in the industry and it has helped me to realise where in the wide field of audio my interest actually lies.

The overall culture of the city was very similar to home, yet at the same time very different. All the people I met in LA, even the strangers I met on the street were all extremely friendly, polite, and helpful. Food portions tended to be a lot larger than home, with a small drink there being as big as the medium/large at home. Unlimited soda refills were such a common practice in fast food places, when I mentioned to someone that we didn’t have that back home they thought I was lying. LA was a wonderful place to visit. 10/10 would visit again.

Damien Howard – Film and Television Production

From our very first day at the Los Angeles Film School, the students were so welcoming, helpful and keen to network and exchange details.  I also found them to be highly motivated and extremely proactive as most of them were involved in numerous external productions.  The facilities at the Los Angeles Film School were to the highest standard and the university’s editing suite was phenomenal.  It also had amazing sets as well as extensive equipment and wardrobe facilities.
In the first week, we participated in ‘The Art of the Pitch’ program.  The skills and knowledge I acquired from this program will not just assist me in the entertainment industry, but in any employment sector as well as in my personal life.  
In the second week, we visited many of the city’s film studios including  Universal Studios, Sony Pictures, Paramount and Warner Bros. lots which was another experience altogether.  Seeing these studios was an up-close and personal experience of the work environment of many screen practitioners.
My time in Los Angeles cemented my ambition to live and work in the United States.  It also further ignited my passion to write and direct feature films.  However, the one thing that changed was that this tour opened my mind to also producing films and television shows.

Georgia Putt – Entertainment Business Management 

Ever since starting at JMC, I aspired to attend the LA study tour. After being selected I knew that I would learn a lot while in LA- but I never expected for the tour to be such a life-changing experience. 

While at the Los Angeles Film School we were lucky enough to have a special class in ‘The Art of The Pitch’ taught by Donna Loyd. She stressed the importance of storytelling in every communication transaction whether introducing yourself to someone, pitching an idea or in the delivery of a project. The program also involved a guest lecture from Housten Howard, an expert in transmedia. Transmedia is the technique of telling multiple stories from a single narrative world using at least 3 different platforms integrating digital technology. This to me seemed like a revolutionary idea and knowledge that I can take back and apply to my JMC studies and future projects. 

Of course Disneyland and Universal Studios were highlights of the trip! The rides and entertainment were so much fun to enjoy but as an entertainment business student I found myself analysing how these parks and events worked. I loved being able to learn just as much exploring a theme park as attending classes. 
Besides the educational aspects of the tour, we got plenty of free time to explore and immerse ourselves in the culture of LA. Some of the highlights were spending a day at Venice Beach & Santa Monica Pier, the view from the LA observatory, and going on beautiful hikes up the Hollywood Hills. I believe the trip was not only positive for the relationships you can make with students and professionals in LA, but also with our Australian peers from all the different states and disciplines that we can collaborate with in the future.  

I am so grateful for the chance to be apart of JMC’s LAFS Study Tour and I would highly recommend anyone who has the chance to apply for this opportunity. Biggest thank you to JMC and the LA Film School for everything they did to make this trip amazing for us. 

Chris Fellas – Entertainment Business Management

My experience of being involved in the Los Angeles Film School tour is one I will never forget. The school itself is a masterpiece with all the best technology and resources put in place. 

The tour of the studios and access to all factions on the studios was an eye opener and an education on its own. From touring sets such as Dr Phil and Two Broke Girls, viewing the factories worth of props, and learning the processes of the studio was a key highlight for me. 
During the duration of our stay, we had a free weekend in which we took the opportunity to visit Santa Monica and Venice Beach. We enjoyed the pier and had a great lunch in Santa Monica and then walked down to Venice Beach. The culture and people were amazing. 

A small group of us also attended a live show at the Fonda Theatre. Seeing a show that was sold out was electric. The Dj “What So Not” and his supports made for a great night in Hollywood. 

Before I attended this tour, I was sure I wanted to be based in Sydney for the rest of my life, but now I’m looking towards spending a year in Los Angeles in 2018 and gaining more valuable industry knowledge. 

Georgie Hanrahan – Entertainment Business Management

Attending the LA Film School allowed me to further extend my knowledge on the entertainment business and opened me up to the business involved in film production. I audited classes including; marketing, entertainment business management and entertainment business technology, which involved a lot of information I had already learnt from my studies at JMC however it was a great experience seeing the different ways in which it was taught and also the different examples used compared to those in Australia. 

The Art of The Pitch class was extremely helpful to all students. It definitely gave me more confidence in pitching and showed us how to effectively pitch an idea to investors. Donna was an amazing teacher who had a lot of connections, which she passed on to us to get in contact with. 

The studio tours to Paramount, Sony, Warner Brothers and Universal Studios were amazing. Warner Brothers was my favourite studio tour as a lot of my favourite films were filmed and produced there, especially the Batman prop house! 

Disneyland was amazing and definitely a highlight of the trip! I also loved Venice beach, the culture there is amazing and I would love to go back. The overall trip was an unforgettable and I am really grateful I was able to experience it with such a great group of people. 

Emily Wright- Audio Engineering

The Los Angeles Film School study trip organised by JMC Academy was definitely a trip of a lifetime.

It was a completely different experience to just travelling around on a holiday. We were exposed to the everyday worker and the everyday student and were welcomed with open arms. We got to experience how they go about their day-to-day life in which most of us on the study trip were eager to see.

The classes were really interesting to undertake, seeing the different ways they teach in comparison to back home. Even their facilities on campus were very impressive! The trip opened everybody’s eyes to the industry we all want to be involved in one day. Also being surrounded by like-minded people with the same interests and passion you have was very inspiring and uplifting to be around. I could not have asked for a better group of people to go on this journey with me, making friends from different states and from overseas that I plan to stay in touch with.

Moving to Los Angeles has always been a dream of mine and after this experience; it is really something I have started to look into after I graduate from my Bachelor of Audio Engineering and Sound Production next year. I would like to thank JMC Academy, Tashi and Peter for the hard work and efforts they put in to make it such an incredible experience by all!

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