KIIS FM Internship Rundown

We've said it time and time again...getting 'hands on' whilst you're studying is a vital part of the experience. 

On Air

Both Dylan Camilleri and Brock Watchorn put suggestions into action and completed a three-month internship program at KIIS FM Radio Station in Sydney. Get a glimpse into their experiences, the hurdles they overcame, and the knowledge gained from working with industry professionals.

What did your time at KIIS FM consist of? 

A week prior to starting our internship, we came up with a radio show idea revolving around the underground Hip Hop scene in Melbourne and proposed the idea to our head of audio coordinator, Daniel Bodnarcuk. We received news a few days later that our show plan had been accepted by Timmy Byrne and wanted us to start as soon as possible. We accepted the offer although were not prepared with a guest artist to come on as we were meant to start the internship two weeks later than expected. 

Our first pilot show consisted of introducing ourselves, discussing what the show was going to be about for the next 2 months and playing some of the underground music we had been preparing for the show. Timmy sat with us, ran us through all the gear and how to work the main computer which the broadcast is run from. He explained to us the ‘Auto Pilot’ broadcasting function, readymade instances, as well as how to operate the microphone controls. We were slightly nervous about what we would talk about for the first show as it came up much quicker than expected. However, we kept professional and got through the first show with no major problems. 

For the next few shows, we managed to get some artists on the show to be interviewed and have their music played on air. This made the ‘interview talk breaks’ feel more natural and fluent. 

Were there any hurdles you came across during your internship? 

Having to rely on artists taking leave from their professional work in order to attend an interview proved difficult in some cases as a couple of our guests were not able to make the show and informed us on the day. This resulted in back to back shows with no interviewee. We worked around the situation by talking about our own music interest’s on talk breaks, replayed some of our favourite tracks from previous shows as well as gigs happening around Melbourne which worked out smoother than expected. 

Apart from the absence of our guests on those two occasions, the only other setbacks we encountered was a single technical difficulty resulting in 30 seconds of on-air silence which was quickly rectified by Timmy on site. 

What did you gain from your time at KISS FM? 

Thanks to this opportunity, we now both have a deep understanding of how radio stations operate and more importantly, we have built relationships with countless artists, producers, and people involved in the underground hip hop scene, on a personal and professional level. 

Would you consider furthering your work on radio? 

For sure, in fact we were delighted to receive an email from Timmy asking us if we would like to keep our show running as a permanent spot on Kiss FM. We gladly accepted the offer and are now planning to schedule our time slot. 

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