5 Jobs you didn't know you could get from studying Songwriting

Studying Songwriting can open doors into so many different career opportunities!


With a degree in Songwriting under your belt, you're one step closer to chasing your dream job and securing a position within the music industry!

Being a lyricist is not your only option as a qualified 'songwriter' anymore, you've got the chance to venture into roles such as being a composer, music teacher and performer a like and it doesn't stop there! There are many ‘out of the box’ industry opportunities you may not have even thought of!

Here are a few that may spark an interest for you in your music journey. 

1. Music Therapist 

It is known by music fanatics that music has a healing power. It is proven to lift your spirits, so by engaging groups that assist children, the elderly and special needs to name a few, your music can put a smile on all types of faces.

Being a music therapist is a niche field within the industry, and allows your music to also help those dealing with anxiety, stress or emotional, physical and wellbeing issues. An AMTA accredited tertiary course is required to be a music therapist. 

2. Advertising Creative (Jingle Writer) 

Those catchy tunes that get stuck in your head from a commercial don’t write themselves. Songwriters are the reason for many famous Advertisement Jingles we know! Getting in touch with agencies that have relationships with popular brands who house many popular brands may be your chance to have fun creating memorable jingles for Australia to hear!

3. Ethnomusicologist 

If anthropology, literature, cultural trends and beliefs captivate your mind, a career in ethnomusicology may be your calling! Ethnomusicologists are researchers that look at music’s social impact and what it means to society.

By studying music from diverse ranges of cultures and communities, ethnomusicologists discover connections through research and fieldwork and can even develop their own inspired compositions based on their findings! You can use these findings to diversify and give meaning to your own songs, as well as others!

4. Performing Songwriter 

Performing your own written music on a professional level may be your calling and lead to regular gigs. Having surrounded yourself with other young talents within the music industry, you never know where your relationships will lead to. Collaboration with other talents such as musicians or film makers creates sparks and innovation between creative people! The concept of ‘not just what you know, but who you know’ may be the step that carries your own performing songwriter career to the next stage. Always be open to working and taking on other people’s ideas in a highly competitive and evolving industry as ‘one idea can change your life.’ - Les Brown. Many students go on to perform gigs in JMC formed bands or even solo!

5. Musical/Film Composers 

Can you image listening to your piece on the big screen while major Hollywood actors star alongside YOUR music? Composing music for musicals and film is a path many song writers will take and may put you on a path of an international journey in music. Becoming a Musical or Film composer may lead you to the likes of Hollywood with opportunities within stage, movies or animation based productions. 

So ensure you put your skills out there to see what ‘out of the box’ possibilities will arise, you never know who will be listening!  

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