Jobs you can get from studying Game Design and Development

As gamification becomes an integral part of the future of this world, some of the most in-demand players in the entertainment industry are game developers and visual effects specialists. 

Becoming a Game Designer, Game Producer, Creative Director, Concept Artist, Modeller or Technical Director are all reachable job possibilities that can be opened up to you after studying Game Design at JMC, and many of which our graduates have gone on to become. However, we’ve pulled out a few jobs you may not have thought of, but that can be exciting and rewarding roles in the industry!

Digital Content Designer

Game Development graduate Robyn Dixon currently works as a Digital Content Designer for the AFL. 

“Through JMC’s networking opportunities I was able to connect with the Kids Market Development and Innovation Lead at the AFL, who was leading a small team focused on digital growth, development, and new audience. The aim of this project was initially to implement a Multiplatform digital rollout which would target kids who were not traditionally interested in AFL, or Auskick. Instead, the focus was on incorporating the fun and imagination of pop culture, with the community of football, to create a unique environment which appealed to an entirely new and diverse audience. 

My role at the AFL is unique in that it is multidisciplinary, I work as an animator, motion graphic designer, video editor, photographer, illustrator, and graphic designer. It is predominantly split between two main areas, AFL Kids, and AFL Women’s. Both aspects of my workload are fun, and challenging, but entirely different from each other.”

Production Assistant

Josh Braddy met the Head of Production of Plastic Wax Animation studio at JMC’s Speed Networking event, in which we connect industry contacts with graduating students.  

He’s now been working as a Production Assistant for Plastic Wax on projects including the LEGO:Star Wars Trailer. " My day to day tasks include scheduling of assets, working with artists both in the studio and remotely all over the world, and maintaining client-facing relationships over the course of a project. You know you're definitely in the deep end when JJ Abrams is the final sign-off for your work!"

3D Generalist

Animating Rocket Ships for NASA may not be your first thought when graduating a Game Development course, but it’s where JMC graduate Okan Beyit found himself! 

As a 3D generalist, his role involved modelling, texturing and world building for cinematic sequences as well as interactive real time applications, on a variety of asset types ranging from vehicles to spacecraft, to procedurally generated landscapes.

“To ensure the accurate representation of the science behind the exhibition we would be in frequent communication with engineers and planetary scientists. It was an insightful experience and I really enjoyed learning from the wealth of information that was provided to us, ranging from the unique geological formations on Mercury to the orientation and revolutions of the Cassini spacecraft.”


Game Development graduate Nicholus Herrera has been working for Cobbstar productions on a VR project and web series called the Dream Channel, providing programming assistance for the navigation and live streaming the video content. 

Game Development at JMC provides the skills and knowledge to create fully immersive digital environments, so you can graduate with the skills demanded by leading developers. Learn how to design, develop and implement an idea, with emphasis on creativity and expression through concept creation, digital drawing, environment modelling and game-engine implementation.

Get hands-on expertise in leading industry software like Maya and the Unity game engine, and use our 18-camera leading precision motion-capture suites and VR facilities to create interactive game prototypes and quality game assets.

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