#JMCDesignforChange: The Final Products

For 12 weeks, we have been following JMC Academy Game Design, Animation and Digital Design students as they used design to interpret ways to combat issues of depression and alcoholism.

After much work, the final projects included an interactive touch screen game, a motion comic, a pop-up VR Booth and an animated web series. Have a read to see how our students got on from ideation to the final pitch presentations. 

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Beer Pressure

Aim: To reduce alcohol-related violence in pubs and bars. 

Beer Pressure’s "Decide your Night" is a touch-screen, interactive game that would be hosted in pubs and bars in high alcohol-related-violence areas. With a solid concept from the start, the team played around with a variety of ways their game could be hosted in bars, and the various path-ways players could take in the ‘choose-your-adventure’ game play.  "If we could stop just one fight from this game, we would have made the streets slightly safer." It was apparent this team had especially enjoyed their experience working together and even discussed the option of taking their project to real companies to invest in further development! 


Aim: To assist help-centres in reaching out to middle-ages individuals suffering from depression. 


Serious faces today! Soda Pressed are reworking their project idea, developing their pop-up booth #game. They are looking to raise awareness of depression through a VR create-your-own-experience style game exploring everyday situations. After thorough research and feedback, they decided to simplify their exhibition into the pop-up, so they are now currently figuring out the game-play dimensions. With the pitch presentations just a few weeks away, the pressure is beginning to grow for our teams, and the need for strong teamwork and communication is vital! This is a great representation of real-life pitch experiences and the pressures of working on client or brief-based projects such as this! #JMCDesignforChange

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Sodapressed had a rollercoaster journey in this integration project! Starting off with an exhibition event and accompanying app, it soon became apparent that this idea was too much to take on and may not work for the target audience. After further research, the team decided to amend their product and created a pop-up event that provides a free lunch, to entice full-time workers to try out their VR interactive experience. The experience would raise awareness of depression, so that the help-centres could host the pop-up event and provide information to those that may most need it. 

Deep Rest

Aim: To reduce the stigma of depression in schools

To defeat the negative stigma of depression in schools, and raise awareness of the high rates of depression, Deep rest developed a motion comic. Their story depicts a young male character ‘Daniel’ who is battling depression, which is symbolised by a dragon-shadow character. It demonstrates the strength he needs to fight the depression so help students understand the difficulties associated with mental health issues. 

Pour Decisions

Aim: To discourage under-age drinking.

Pour Decisions created a solution for the difficult task of discouraging teenagers from drinking alcohol. They wanted to challenge the normalisation of under-age drinking without coming across as ‘too preachy’. Their project involved developing a short, animated web series that depicts how the world would appear if under-age drinking was ok. It aims to help under 18s to understand the negative effects that alcohol can have on your health, learning and development. 

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