#JMCDesignforChange- How are they going?

We’ve been following some of our Animation, Game Development and Digital Design students, as they use design to tackle issues of depression and alcohol abuse.

Our @jmcacademydesign or #JMCDesignforChange campaign has followed what they’ve been up to along the way and introduced some of our team members. We've put together a quick summary of how their projects have been going, so meet our teams!


Soda Pressed
Project: Designing an exhibition and app.


Igor, Darren, Aaron, Nicholas, Sarah and Alex posed the question “How might help-centres reach out to middle-age individuals suffering from depression.” 

Using UX (User experience) Design, the team is working to create an exhibition event, that provides a platform for help-centres to reach middle-aged people through their workplace. They are developing an app that guides visitors throughout the event and exploring different gamification methods to interact and engage their audience. 

Deep Rest
Project: Creating a motion comic


Students Anthony, Kieran, Ginny, Rian, Tristan and Carl are working to find a solution to the question "How might we change the common perception of depression in schools?".

The team is creating a motion comic, using their strong animation and storytelling skills, to change the stigma around depression. By refining their initial ideas of a video game or comic book, their aim is to build empathy in students by following the journey of a main character who struggles with depression.

Beer Pressure
Project: Developing a ‘Choose your adventure’ video game.


“How might we decrease the tolerance of alcohol-related violence in Australia?” 
Tom, Leigh, Luke, Danielle, Jomar, Lachlan and Cody  are developing a game that encourages people to make conscious decisions and raises awareness about alcohol-related violence. Bar-goers would be able to play the game and experience it in the right setting as it would be implemented in bar spaces. How they perform in the game would depend on the moral choices they make throughout, to demonstrate the real-life consequences that could occur with the wrong choices. 

Pour Decisions
Project: Developing an animated web series

“How might we create awareness of underage drinking for 12-17 year olds?”. Matt, Andrew, Braddon, Frances, Alex and Ayah are making a web series that uses shock and exaggeration, aiming to affect change in people’s behaviour by showing them the consequences of their actions on the future of the society they live in. They are taking their ‘crazy 8’ ideas, which come from a brain-storming session where any crazy ideas can be added to the pile, and utilising these to form their campaign. 

We've also been meeting some of the students individually, finding more out about their goals and ambitions. 

Meet Kieran... 

Head over to @jmcacademydesign to follow their stories, and see how their campaigns and ideas unfold throughout the project!

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