JMC x Purple Sneakers on How to Turn your Bedroom Productions in to a Career

We teamed up with the legends over at Purple Sneakers and had a chat about how all the bedroom producers out there can turn their music in to a sustainable career.


We discussed some of the key differences between just making your music as a hobby, and the potential of actually turning your passion in to your dream career. The Purple Sneakers crew also reached out to a few of their favourite producers in the industry for some advice on their experiences in the industry.

We worked out that progressing from a bedroom producer to full time musician comes down to 5 key factors:

  • Sharing your music, playing shows and seeing what works
  • Networking as much as you can
  • Understanding the music business
  • Making different types of music
  • Learn to promote your work

In the article on the PS editorial page, they attack each of these factors in depth and note some wise words from a number of local producers, including Maxy Cosy who said; “Networking for me is definitely a key part of the process, especially as someone trying to take their music to the next level. Meeting and knowing these people of common interests can really help you get your foot in the door and create that stepping stone as a bedroom producer.”

Read the full article on Purple Sneakers here.

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