JMC visited Homebush Boys High School to present their prize

JMC visited Homebush Boys High School on Friday, 18th April, to present their prize, a Zoom Q3 HD hand-held digital video & audio recorder.

Hero_Image.jpgThe school was awarded this prize at the Matinee Performance last year for being the most supportive school and bringing students to the show over a number of years.

Congratulations to Homebush Boys High School, we hope they make great use of the camera!

Picture 1 -  Kemo Bungeric, Department Head of Popular Music and Performance, handing over the prize to the School Principal Caitlin Dwyer. Also featured in the photograph are JMC’s Noel Peters, Head of Music, Andrew Smith and the College Captain, Erkan Altun.

Picture 2 – Kemo Bungeric addressing the whole school population of 1290 students at a special school assembly.

Picture 3 & 4 - Kemo Bungeric talking with Year 12 Music students about JMC Academy.