JMC Students Showcase Their Work in New Radio Ads

As part of ‘Make it with JMC', this initiative saw students from our Brisbane & Sydney campus take place in the second iterations of our radio advertisements, which showcases our incredible student talent. JMC Academy are proud of our students and bestow trust on them to make our national advertisements.

One of the songs featured in these radio ads was written and performed by Music Performance students Shelley Davies and Riley Harth - who colaborated with JMC Music Performance students Sheridan McCulloch, Brad Bartle, Sam Hoe, and Ben Richards which make up JMC band Innuendo. Hailing from our Brisbane campus, they recorded their voice overs for these ads at Austereo recording studios. Check out their featured song ‘YOU’ below!

Similarly, Sydney Audio Engineering student Alessandro Benfante showcased his very own produced track ‘New Colours’ on the radio ads, and was on the other side of the console recording his voice for this project. ‘New Colours’ has garnered over 75,000 views on YouTube, and has been distributed by Argofox, a royalty-free music provider. Check out the track below.

We talked to Riley, Shelley, and Alessandro about their experience working in an industry setting, and producing radio advertisements with JMC Academy and Austereo.

What did you learn most about working in the industry from this project?

AB: Everything is so fast paced and precise, there’s little to no room for errors and everything and everyone working has high attention to detail. Everyone knows what they want and when they want it and it is very organized.
RH: While working on this project, I quickly learned how professional and organised people in the industry can be. After working with an abundance of different people within the industry (some more organised then others), it was great to see and work with people who are on top of everything; everyone, from administration to the audio engineers really took the time to keep me informed and in the loop.
SD: I learned about the bigger picture. I learned the roles of other students in the project, for example the needs of audio students and what they're thinking about (how something sounds, what effects would suit, is there too much distortion) and the same goes for the film guys and girls. There are a lot more aspects to putting a project like this together than I had earlier thought. Thinking about how my song sounds, its form, the instrumentation, and the melody is just one small fragment of what is important when working in integration projects at JMC.

How did you find it working with different departments within the creative industries?

AB: It was so different to what I was used to. As I am an Audio Engineering student, usually I am the one behind the console and recording everything, but this time I was out of my comfort zone and was the one being recorded... very different. Kudos to the musicians and vocalists who do this on a daily basis!
RH: Working with different departments is defiantly a valuable experience, often at times the department may ask you to do something that you would never think you could do, and this in turn expands the capacity of your abilities whilst also giving you something different to do. 
SD: Initially I didn't know what to expect, but once the ball got rolling and a plan had been made I was so excited! There are not many institutions that provide the opportunities to work with other departments like JMC does and the experience you get from it is priceless! I feel like when I graduate I will be more prepared for what to expect.

What was your favourite part of the experience?

AB: My favourite part would have to have been the recording process. It was so surreal to be given a script and told that this is going to be on the radio. I’ve never really worked on anything like this before, and especially listening to what the Engineer who recorded me had done to my voice gave me great inspiration!
RH: My favourite part would definitely be working in the professional environment with industry standard equipment and professional people.
SD: I enjoyed recording but I actually enjoyed hearing the ideas of people outside my band in regard to my song. Fresh eyes can work wonders and the concepts and ideas that both audio and film were coming up with were things that I had not thought of and they really worked with the material. In saying that, I also really enjoyed how the audio students really wanted to know mine and the bands vision for the song and they took that into account during recording and mixing, as did film when they were coming up with their film clip pitches.

What advice would you give to other students?

AB: At the end of the day, you are only going to succeed in things if you are out there to begin with. If you keep restricting yourself by not releasing content, then how can you be discovered? Being a producer myself, I know the drawbacks of creativity and I understand that you might always think that your content is not good enough, but you’re wrong. You are your own worst critic, so don’t ever think something is bad because you say so. Look around, gather feedback, and just do what you love with passion as the fuel, you may be surprised with the outcome!
RH: Have fun! Grab every opportunity you can get your hands on; studying is less about the knowledge, but more so what you can with it.
SD: WORK HARD. You only get 2 years at JMC and you are surrounded by people who are watching you constantly and have the means to help you achieve your goals. If they see you working your butt off, they WILL help you in any way they can. I feel privileged to have received such a huge amount of help from mentors, lecturers and the administration team in general over the last year and I am so grateful for them all!

Keep an ear out on the radio for Shelley, Riley, and Alessandro on the JMC Academy ads!

Thank you to all students who were a part of this Make it with JMC project! If you are a current JMC Academy students and would also like to be involved in a Make it with JMC project, contact Lauren Thorpe.

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