JMC student talks about her time at APRA

JMC Academy International student Tuva won the chance to take part in APRA's 50 Songs in 50 Day's workshop, so we chatted to her to see how it went.

50 Songs in 5 Days is designed to give Australian songwriters and artists the opportunity to collaborate with some of 50-songs-winner.jpgthe best in the business, both here and from overseas. The week is all about working with these industry mentors over 5 intense days of songwriting and socialising at networking events. The camp has discovered a huge amount of new talent and helped create new songwriting and producing partnerships.
Hey Tuva!
What was the highlight of the camp for you?

I met so many amazing artists and learnt about how other songwriters/producers go about writing a song. Most of the people I met at the camp were well established as songwriters, performers, or producers, and that gave me a really great insight into the music industry.
How did this camp meet your expectations? 
I didn't know exactly what I was going into, but I was pleasantly surprised. I wrote a song every day with an artist and a producer, sometimes an extra top liner, and a good quality demo was the result of every day. Some of the evenings ended with a party, which gave us some breathing space and I got to know some very nice people. 
50songs-in-5-days.jpgWhich Australian Songwriter did you most enjoy writing with and why? 
I enjoyed the session with Holly Martin, Sahara Beck, and Ryosuke "Dr.R" Sakai from Japan. They had a lot of great ideas, and were very inspiring to write with. No writer's block for them!
What was the best song you feel you wrote during that week and what was it about? 
It is hard to choose, but the song I wrote with Martin, Beck, and Sakai is a great song. The song is called ‘My Ego’, and it’s about craving attention, showing off and generally being a self-centred person, but describes how maybe behind the facade there is a different story.
Did you enjoy your visit to Sydney? 
I really enjoyed Sydney. I didn't have much time to go and visit many places in the city, but what I saw of the it was beautiful. On the last day of the camp, they organised a party for us on Balmoral beach. It was such a good way to end it, and it was just above 41 degrees!
How are you enjoying the JMC Songwriting program? 
I am enjoying the JMC Songwriting program very much. It is great! Although it’s good to write on pure intuition, I find the songwriting and theory subjects very interesting and helpful. You start exploring different methods and things you haven't thought about. After learning about how all of the elements work together in a song, I now find myself making small adjustments to my songs, which can make a big difference. I also like that the program consists of a wide range of subjects, so there are lots of different opportunities and pathways you could take after graduation. 
What advice would you give to other students looking to study music abroad? 
The advice I would give is to just do it! You never know how it’s going to be, but it is a great experience living and studying in a different country. Also, it’s hard to miss home when you live in Australia.

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