JMC student film TRAPPED hits the film festival scene

The hard work and dedication that goes in to creating a short film is immense. 

That’s why we are so proud of our Film and TV Production student’s work, and are so excited to hear when they get such strong recognition of their work by being accepted into film festivals.

Recent student film ‘TRAPPED’ has been accepted into the Noosa International Film Festival taking place on the sunshine coast, and Dungog International Film Festival in the young film maker (under 25) category of which they are competing for a share in $30,000 of cash prizes.

Producer and Art Director of ‘Trapped’ Sarah Brown chatted to us about the film, her experience during her studies and why she’s looking forward to the festivals. 

Trapped was co-directed written by Emily Brien, Edited and Co-directed by Alexandra Pedavoli, with Dewa Bagus for the cinematographer of the shoot. 

“Our film TRAPPED is a mystery thriller about two strangers yet resilient young women, Mia and Hayley, who wake up in a collapsed building with no memory of how they got there. They must learn to work together to escape from the endless cycle of dangerous situations in which they find themselves trapped.
My favourite part of making TRAPPED was taking on the role of Art Director and designing the set. It was a great challenge to build on such a small budget; we built the main set in my parents garage and we obviously couldn't have a full 360degree rubble room, so it was designed with three major sections which were cleverly filmed and edited together so that it seems as though it is a fully collapsed room. There were fast turnovers between shoot days and we had to tear down parts of the set as we finished with them in order to make room to build the next section. This was quite stressful as there were no chances to go back and re-shoot if anything was found to be wrong in post-production.

 There is a sequence in the film where the roof slips and lowers a few inches over the actresses heads, and designing that piece of set and the mechanics behind making it fall safely was probably my favourite part of the set to work on. Luckily, the effect worked really well on the day! There were also a lot of hours spent painting and roughing up polystyrene pieces to help bulk up the amount of real rubble we had, which was a fun chance to make a mess. It was a lot of hard work but it ultimately paid off!

I learnt a lot about set building, about producing and about organising a 6 day shoot including providing food and accommodation for a cast and crew of 11 people on a very small budget which was a challenging puzzle. I also learnt a lot about the process of raising and managing a budget, which will be extremely beneficial going forward in my career. 

JMC Academy’s teaching and facilities were so supportive throughout the whole experience - our grad project lecturer Anton Beebe in particular helped us to shape and improve our story and shot list.
 It is a great collaborative environment and the grad project is a great hands on way to test out everything you've learned over the two year course.  That was probably my favourite thing about the course – the large practical element - there are a lot of hands on units, which really help with the understanding of the foundation theory work. 

My advice for future students would be to ask questions, and make the most of your access to the equipment, of other like-minded people and of the experienced lecturers. "

"The crew behind Trapped were focused and committed. They worked excellently as a team. Crowd funded the campaign, shotlisted the entire script, scheduled each shot so that they were well prepared and knew exactly what they were doing. They knew the importance of post production and were dilligent throughout, doing a great edit, sound design, music compositon and grade. Well done to them all." - Film Lecturer Anton Beebe

Best of luck to Sarah and the rest of the TRAPPED team at the festivals!

You can follow Dewa (Trapped Cinematographer) at the Noosa Film Festival as he takes over JMC Academy’s Snapchat ‘jmcacademy’ to bring you the behind the scenes from the event!

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