JMC Lecturer Releases Sixth Metal Album

Here at JMC, we always love to talk about how great our students are while they’re here and all the amazing things they get up to in the industry once they graduate. But they didn’t get there overnight... 

Something we also love is to take a look at the lecturers that guided them there and the things that they get up to in the outside world when they’re not busy mentoring our students.‚Äč So, we thought we would show a bit of love to Melbourne Audio lecturer, Mark Kelson. Mark is currently CRUSHING it with his internationaly proclaimed metal band ‘The Eternal’. 

Mark and The Eternal have just released their SIXTH full length album that is getting some seriously amazing press and feedback on the back on some amazing music and an intricate promotion campaign. The new album, titled ‘Waiting for the Endless Dawn’ was released through Finnish record label, Inverse Records on the 17th of August and has been described as a heavy hearted, dark statement in the bands diverse and long career. 

One of the most notable takeaways from the album is the most recently released single ‘The Wound’. The Wound is a 20 minute masterpiece that takes you on a journey through moments of progressive, emotive rock, all the way to slow melotic doom metal. 

Accompaning the epic musical monster that is The Wound is a 20 minute cinematic journey that has been beautifully filmed and produced in Portugal by renowned film maker Guilherme Henriques. The film is a portrayal of loss and attempted reconciliation and really takes the audience on a journey through a combination of seemingly endless musical transitions and emotions.

Mark and The Eternal have spent over three years writing and recording this epic album and will be looking to tour internationally well into 2019. JMC Academy could not be more proud and impressed with the effort of Mark and his band. 

It is truly amazing to have lecturers that we know have lived and breathed the industry both in the past and present, like Mark Kelson. That real work experience on production, touring, live performance and even producing a film clip of this caliber is invaluable to our students and shows in our current students and Alumni. We are proud to showcase the work of our JMC family and are so greatful knowing that our students are learning from the very best there is to offer!

To listen to The Eternal, check tour dates and much more, click here.

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