JMC Lecturer and Hoodoo Guru Bassist Rick Grossman Shares his advice on the music industry

JMC Lecturer and Hoodoo Guru's Bassist Rick Grossman has been in the music industry for over 30 years and knows a thing or two about how it works. 


Having such a music legend like Rick working at JMC is a massive privilege. Our students get so much out of their sessions with him in the songwriting suites and practice studios and love being able to constantly pick his brain for advice on the industry. 

We recently had a thought that it might be a little unfair to keep ALL of that advice to ourselves, so we sent Rick over to the Happy Mag HQ for a chat with the HM Crew. 

Rick discusses his time with the Hoodoo Gurus and being in the Divinyls before that. When talking about the highlights of his career, it wasn’t playing to huge crowds or selling thousands of records, but the people he has been able to work with along the way.

“I was thinking about the highlights of my career… I’ve got to say for me, the highlight is definitely the people I’ve worked with. I’ve worked with some of the great songwriters in Australia and learned a lot off them. I’ve been around when some of the great songs have been given birth, and played in great bands, you know?”

He also discusses the importance of mentors throughout his career, something that he is now doing for the students at JMC.

“I think mentorship’s a really important thing. I know that when I work at the school, that’s one of the great things; to try and inspire people who are just starting off, and maybe they get inspired by me, that I’m still able to play in a band after 40 years of music. It’s pretty good.”

Rick also touches on what personality traits help an artist succeed, overcoming your own insecurities as a musician and the brotherhood between bands when Australian music was starting to take off.

Check out the full interview below! 

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