JMC graduates prepare documentary for cinematic release in L.A.


Talented Digital Film and Television graduates Daniel Jones and James Coleiro have finally released their DVD Detour De France - a documentary of the Tour De France race.
Daniel’s motivation for this project began in 2004 when his father returned from the Tour De France with extensive footage of the race that he had taken on his handy-cam. This inspired Daniel to compile a professional DVD of his own accord based on this footage. His intention was to prove his abilities to John Trevorrow, a contact of his father’s and an esteemed journalist who covers the Tour annually.

Daniel’s 70 hours of work on this voluntary initiative earned him not only John Trevorrow’s respect but also the subsequent agreement to support, produce and secure sponsorship for Daniel’s formal Tour De France documentary proposal. In addition, Daniel was also given the opportunity to work on the Bay Classic in 2005 and with the Sports Tonight film crew.

“The tools that I learned from the JMC Academy have definitely helped me in this industry” Daniel says, “I also believe it’s often a case of who you know in addition to what you know that can make the ultimate difference. The industry is so competitive that you need to have a real passion for the work you do and must make the most of every opportunity.”

Daniel says “the experience of actually filming the documentary for 23 days in France this year on my own, was extremely hard work. With a 15 kilo digital betacam camera and an additional 20 kilos worth of tapes and batteries it proved to be physically and mentally challenging.

Daniel believes “it is important to remain highly focused on your end goal to get you through the hard times.” Daniel also believes in the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people who share similar goals and ideas. Daniel found these qualities and more in JMC Academy colleague James Coleiro.

Daniel claims “James’ editing style and ideas can turn average footage into something that makes you think, ‘How did he do that?’” “I would phone James from France regularly to ensure I was filming exactly what was necessary to piece the documentary together in a highly interesting and visually meaningful way.”
Daniel claims “our main goal is to initially secure a release into the American market as our footage features American personalities including inspirational rider Lance Armstrong, Senator John Kerry and Film Director Ron Howard”.