JMC Graduate talks about working in the Film & TV Industry

Marco Mitchell has worked in various roles since graduating from JMC Academy's Film & TV Production course, so we caught up with him to see how he has been going!

Hey Marco! Tell us about your time since graduating from JMC Academy?

My time has been quite busy since graduating at JMC. I worked on the Princess Pictures production 'The Divorce' shortly after graduating as a Grip Assistant. This was a great shoot, something very different to what I'd previously worked on, it being an opera comedy. After we wrapped 'The Divorce' I got a job as the Truck Grip on an American sci-fi series 'Hunters.' This show was a whirlwind experience and the longest job I have ever worked on, spanning fourteen weeks.

How did you get this position?

I got the position as a Grip Assistant on 'The Divorce' through the Key Grip, Max Gaffney, who I had previously worked with on 'The Secret River.' Between 'Secret River" and 'The Divorce', I came back to finish my course at JMC and 'The Divorce' was one of the first jobs I got after graduating.

ftvv2.jpgWhat is one of your favourite things about working on these series?

The people that I got to work with and the scale of the productions. I've had the opportunity to work closely with DoP Roger Lanser on 'The Divorce' and that was a great experience seeing how he works. 'Hunters' astounded me as to the scale of everything. Some of the locations were phenomenal and the scale and quality of the sets was just amazing. Also working with such a large team of professionals was very enlightening, being able to see how a well oiled machine run.

What did you learn that you weren’t aware of before working behind the scenes? 

One thing that I wasn't aware of before starting work in the industry was the pace of it all. When a good team knows what needs to be done it all just happens so quickly. It's the sort of thing where you don't want to be the one that everyone is waiting for!

What advice would you give to current students currently studying FTV and wanting to get an opportunity like this?

The best advice I can give to current students is to take any opportunity you can. Call people in the departments you want to get into and get yourself out there. Make a name for yourself and then opportunities will come to you.

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