JMC FTV graduate turned Production Assistant

Film and TV graduate Emily Tathem is now working as a Production Assistant at Steve Jaggi, running the platinum screenings campaign for the film “Embedded”, which was a film feature film completed by the Steve Jaggi Company last year.emilytathem.jpg

“A usual day for me consists of emails and research for upcoming projects or marketing campaigns. I also sit in on conference calls with industry professionals from around the world which is always an interesting experience. Some days we go and meet with composers or editors at post houses to review and work on different projects. It’s always very exciting to see how it all works in the real world and there is never a dull moment.

How did you get this opportunity?

I had been looking for an opportunity like this on and off since I graduated from JMC, April last year. I saw this opportunity on Pedestrian.TV, which is a great source for finding jobs, internships and other opportunities in the creative industries. I applied for it, not thinking anything much would come out of it. Then two weeks later I get an email saying they wanted to call me for an interview (As I live in Brisbane and the company is based in Sydney). I had a good feeling after the interview, then a week later I got the news that I had been selected!

How did your course help prepare you for the industry?

The course at JMC helped give me the real-world knowledge and practice which is so important. The internship mainly focuses on producing, which is something that was an interest of mine while studying and while at JMC and I was able to produce a few short films of my own while I was studying which helped immensely.

What advice would you give to current students?

My biggest piece of advice to current students would be to start looking at internships NOW! My biggest regret when leaving JMC was that I hadn’t applied for any internships while I was studying. A lot of opportunities and internships I was looking at after graduating only wanted to take on students, and by the time I got to them it was too late. I know it can seem like a lot to take on while studying but the real world experience you get in an internship is incredible!

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