JMC ENT Graduate turns into JMC Events extraordinaire

Since graduating from Entertainment Business Management in 2014, Lauren Thorpe has been working as the National Events and Resources Coordinator right here at JMC Academy.

Lauren has had the opportunity to work with award-winning designers such as Aaron Draplin, audio engineers, vocal coaches to the best in the business and even one of the original members of N.W.A., The D.O.C.

Tell me about your time since graduating from JMC Academy?

Since I graduated, I interned at JMC in the Marketing Team as the Events Coordinator. After interning, they offered me a full-time job as the National Events and Resource Coordinator for JMC Academy. Since then, I have worked with award-winning designers and audio engineers, vocal coaches to the best in the business, and even one of the original members of NWA. 

How did you get the position as Events Coordinator when you graduated?

I talked to some of my lecturers, and one of my mentors mentioned that the Marketing Team were looking for someone to take over the events as they were growing rapidly. I was put forward for the position and interviewed, and ultimately (and luckily) I was given the job and have loved it ever since!

What is one of your favourite things about being the events coordinator at JMC Academy?
I work with a fantastic group of people who are creative and passionate for both the creative industries and education. My favourite thing though is the opportunity to work on events that I am passionate about and get to connect with young creatives from all different sectors.

What have you learnt that you weren’t aware of before working in the entertainment industry? 

I have learned that connections are everything. They tell you that when you’re studying, but I didn’t actually believe it until I entered the industry. Meeting new people and keeping contact with them is so important as that is exactly what the entertainment industry is about.
What advice would you give to current students currently studying ENT and wanting to get an opportunity like this?

Do the free work. Bring the coffees, drive around the slightly more important people, set up and pack down all the tables, because in the end that hard work will pay off and you will feel more rewarded in the end when you do make it. Just make sure to respect the people who end up bringing you coffee and drive you around as those you meet on the way up will definitely be there on your way down. 

Thanks Lauren! To see what events she is currently running at JMC, click here.

She also runs our Make it with JMC initiative, paying students for their industry work. Check it out here.

To enquire about studying our Entertainment Business Management course, click here. 

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