JMC Audio student signed to techno music label

Passion for music and sound is important when it comes to studying Audio Engineering and Sound Production.

mike300.jpgTherefore, it comes as no surprise to know that many of our Audio students often write and record their own music, as well as other bands. 

Graduating student Mike Rishworth has recently signed a major record deal with an overseas techno music label, so we found out how it all came about. 

“It all happened very quickly actually. I had 4 tracks I had completed over the summer and had played them out a few times and the reaction from the crowd was quite good. So, I picked a bunch of artists that I like and their associated labels, got the 'demos' email or 'info' email and sent out Soundcloud links to all those labels. All in all, it was about 15 labels. I did that on a Wednesday night and woke up Thursday morning with a few responses which I was quite surprised with. I chose to go with Baroque Recordings because some of the artists on the label have been all time favourites of mine for the past 10 years or so. Artists like, Jay Lumen, Gareth Emery, Minilogue, D-Nox & Beckers, Quivver, Andy Moor, Penton, Shiloh, Serge Devant, James Harcourt, Soliquid, Tim Poi3nts, Tim Davidson, Lustral and Innate just to name a few have all released stuff on Baroque. I felt very humbled to be considered amongst such a plethora of artists.”


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Mike also still does Mastering, sound editing and sound design for small budget projects. “I love that I get the opportunity to do what I love, combining my hobby with my work, which is awesome! While at JMC, I spent a lot of time just hanging out in the studios with the Supervising Engineers and just asked tons and tons of questions about things that interested me that I might like to specialise in when I finished. Rob Care (Head of Audio Engineering and Sound Production Melbourne) also gave me a leg up by providing myself and a friend with the opportunity to run a weekly radio show on KISS FM called the JMC Takeover. I never would have learnt about radio station operation had I not gone to JMC. The community of audio engineers, sound designers etc is quite tight knit and it’s very much worth networking as much as you can whilst you're studying.

My favourite thing about my studies was definitely the group of friends I made whilst I was there. Not only the students, but the lecturers and the supervising engineers became great friends. It's easy to get the work done when the environment at Uni is something to look forward to.”

Mike’s Advice. 

Learn as much as you can and ask as many questions as possible whilst you're there. I was probably a bit of a pest in class because I asked so many questions. Some classes are more fun for other people than other classes, but I found that I always had questions because it only added to becoming a well-rounded Audio Engineer. I spent any spare moment I could trying to learn more and more about mixing techniques or mastering, outside of class times just because I wanted to better myself in what I wanted to do. 

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