JMC announces new SSL Duality Audio Desks

JMC Academy is pleased to announce the addition of brand new SSL Duality’s to both our Brisbane and Melbourne Campuses.

The SSL Duality is recognised as a premium industry standard console for professional audio production worldwide. To provide the highest quality of training and to keep up with constantly changing technologies, JMC invests in current, industry standard equipment and studios for the courses, which are taught by industry professionals.

Head of Audio Engineering and Sound Production in Brisbane, Keith Halpin commented how “We are looking forward to students being able to build every project with a very solid foundation the moment he/she plugs a microphone into the desk. This gives our students the ability to produce projects with the best possible sonic characteristic and provides them with the employment edge in a competitive industry.”


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The Duality combines a traditional high-grade analogue path and signal processing with advanced DAW control & integration. Its innovative hybrid approach combines traditional analogue path, signal processing, exceptional DAW control and automation which makes it the perfect teaching tool. The Duality is celebrated for its distinctive channel strip. Each channel strip features a compressor/gate, high and low pass filters and EQ (switchable between E/G series curves). JMC students will be able to learn and experience all the added benefits of harmonic warmth in every channel of the mix and the natural characteristics of analogue summing. They will be given a fantastic opportunity to record true room acoustics, mix, master and produce utilising a console designed to be fully transparent.

Along with the $10 million investment in Brisbane and Sydney’s campuses, we hope to provide students with the skills and experience to develop a strong career in the creative industries. 

Find out more about studying Audio Engineering and Sound Production. 

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